Acting Principal’s Message

December 4, 2020

By Acting Principal, Mr Stephen Hill

As we enter the season of Advent, we are reminded of the importance of this time in the liturgical year – the coming of our Lord. It is a time for us to look back to Christ’s birth and to look forward in celebration of the hope and joy of His second coming. Living in the period between these two important events, we are all called to discover and fulfill our God-given purpose.

2020 has given us much to pause and reflect on. Throughout what has been a truly turbulent period in all our lives, the value of understanding our purpose and what truly counts has been brought to the fore.

Back in week 4 of Term 1, shortly after John Crowley made the move to St Kevin’s as Acting Headmaster, my Crest item included a response to the question of what happens when leadership changes and what this might mean for your son. As my time as Acting Principal comes to an end, I hope that my response at that time remains true.

As I noted at that time, first and foremost is the surety that the safety and wellbeing of each boy is at the very centre of all that we do here at St Patrick’s. This is, and remains, our binding commitment to all our families. The work undertaken by all St Patrick’s staff throughout 2020 in response to the challenges associated with the changes in leadership and COVID-19 stand as a testament to this and exemplify our commitment to meeting the diverse learning needs of all our boys.

At few other times in the school’s long history have students, parents and teachers been asked to work so closely together. It is not only the knowing that this is possible in ways we probably thought would not come to be but, it is the way in which we worked together as a community of learners that gives me such great hope for what the future holds for St Patrick’s.

The College previously spent significant time in developing the 2019-2021 Strategic Directions document. This document has become the blueprint for our teaching and learning, faith, life and culture, wellbeing and master plan development. The College Advisory Council, the Leadership Team and each member of the St Patrick’s College staff is dedicated to the implementation and delivery of the goals stated in this document.

Our teaching and classroom support staff remain committed to a sustained program of professional learning and growth focused most partially on boys’ education. Our goal is clear, to become the leaders in the education of boys.

Our commitment to be a school that is an active and giving member of the Ballarat community, with particular focus on our old collegians, remains as strong and purposeful as it has at any time in the 127 year history of St Patrick’s.

Much has been achieved in 2020 to further the actions arising from the 2019-2021 Strategic Directions and much will continue to be done in 2021 to ensure that we do everything possible to meet our mission of raising fine boys to the status of great men.

So while all that has been 2020 will come to pass, you can be reassured of the College’s continued commitment to the safety and wellbeing of your son, to the plan for growth and renewal of all aspects of the school, to St Patrick’s as a leader in the education of boys and continuing to be a place of welcome to the all who the community of great College.

Seasons greetings to all members of the St Patrick’s community and may you all have a very happy, healthy and safe Christmas and New Year!

Regards, Mr Stephen Hill