Acting Principal’s Message

June 18, 2020

By Acting Principal, Mr Stephen Hill

As we head towards the end of Term 2….

The end of Term 2 next Friday will see the conclusion of a period of time that can only be described as truly unique in the very long history of St Patrick’s. At this time, it is appropriate for us to pause and remind ourselves of our shared charism as a Catholic school in the tradition of Edmund Rice and how we each express and enact this in our day to day interactions – be that as a staff member, a student or a parent.

The story of Edmund Rice is one centred on seeing the need of others and then responding to this need. That is, being fully aware and present to each and every person I encounter in my day. While there have been many challenges, new experiences and changes in our practices coming from COVID-19, being attentive to the needs of those around us and building trusting and respectful relationships remains unchanged.

In reflecting on what we have experienced and learnt during the period of remote learning, it has become even more evident to all of us here at St Patrick’s that it is the strength of our trusting and respectful relationships that binds us together to create a positive and engaged learning community. As the students have returned to school it has also become evident that for some boys learning remotely, being isolated from their teachers, friends and year group, has changed and, in some cases, negatively impacted on these critical trusting and respectful relationships.

Understanding this, our classroom teachers, Pastoral Care Tutors, Year Level Co-ordinators, Directors of Schools and the Student Wellbeing Team have been working diligently to challenge and respond to any instances where trust and respect has not been shown.

So, while there has been much joy in the return of the boys to the College and there is much to acknowledge in terms of the positive way students have typically responded to the challenges of remote learning, we must also remain ever aware of how each of us interact and respond to everyone else in our great learning community.

Potential return of BAS sport in Term 3

Last Sunday’s announcement from Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, that in recognition of the lower rate of transmission of COVID-19 amongst younger people, all sports training and competition will resume for those 18 and under and that non-contact sports competition can also begin across every age group from June 22, has had many of the boys excited about the potential return of BAS sport in Term 3.

With more details to follow in the coming days, it is likely that there will be some BAS sport in Term 3 (although the scheduling will be significantly modified to reflect the current COVID-19 health and safety guidelines).

New staff

Welcome to Regina Wilson who joined us this week as the College’s new Science Laboratory Technician. Our new First Aid Officer, Melissa Geyle, visited the College last week as part of her induction before she commences her new role on July 13. Welcome Regina and Melissa.