Answers to student council video challenge

May 6, 2020

Last week our Student Council issued a challenge to all in our community to test your knowledge of locations around the school.

The Council filmed the following video and then asked people to guess each location by providing their answers at this link.

The list below provides the answers to each of the locations the boys filmed in:

1: Br W.T O’Malley Sports Centre store room

2: Wilding Wing

3: Bike shed

4: Wood Technology classroom (shed)

5: Science Lab preparation room in Miller Wing

6: OCA Year 12 Study Centre

7: St Bernard Heinze Theatre

8: Canteen

9: Edmund Rice Centre – Student Services Reception

10: College Shop

11: College Chapel – choir loft

12: First aid room – back room

13: Boarding House Dining Room

14: Re-engagement Centre

15: Whelan Food Technology Centre

16: Mrs Ryan’s office

Thanks to all who took part. How many did you get correct?

1-4: Good start, perhaps you’re a new Year 7 student still learning their way around.

5-8: You’re getting there, but could still find yourself lost in unfamiliar places.

9-12: Well done. You’re on your way to becoming an SPC Master – but you’ve still got a way to go.

13-15: SPC superstar! You’ve clearly been here awhile and have learnt the lay of the land.

16: You’ve aced it! You clearly know the difference between Kelty, Kenny, Keniry and Kennedy. You can’t be faulted.