Applied Learning Update – April 4, 2019

April 3, 2019

We’ve had a very busy term with a number of tasks and requirements that the boys have completed. Tha main event was the first PaddyMart of the year, which we ran in Kelty Court, from the Caravan that a number of parents will remember our boys renovating last year. Again I acknowledge Claude Procaccino for leading this project.

All the boys produced hand made goods for the PaddyMart. The most successful products were the Year 10 boys’ work. The chopping boards were excellently presented with packaging, an advisory brochure and a price that reflected the value of the work. The Candles were beeswax, tinted green to reflect the PaddyMart theme of St Patrick’s Day and, despite a number of barriers in the making of these items, the boys sold out of candles. Foundation (Year 10) boys excelled in taking their raw material and transforming it into a finished, saleable product. Noah, Zac and Zach staffed the Van on the day. We raised more than $400.00, which the boys decided should go to a fellow student who suffered a severe and unexpected health issue this term. We are so proud of this choice.

OH&S compliance has now been completed by almost everyone, which means that most of our boys are now on Structured Work Placements or School Based Apprenticeships on Fridays. These opportunities are an amazing way for our boys to find out more about the pathway of their choice. Mr Anthony Meehan is our Careers and Transition Coordinator, who has assisted a number of boys to find placements and is available if any changes need to be made to placements. Please contact him at the College if assistance is needed.

I have been heartened by a recent flurry of activity in getting portfolio tasks completed. A number of boys have completed Materials Investigations, on a substance of their choice related to their future pathway. In addition to writing a powerpoint presentation, boys then talked through them with a small group. Presentations have included: Steel (building and construction) Edible Oils (Hospitality) and Paint. The assessment of these tasks was very positive, and the presentations themselves were highly engaging for the audience.

Following that task, a Process Investigation, where students describe in detail, a step by step industry process, will lead to a demonstration task early next term. Drafts in progress so far include a Brick Letter Box making demonstration from Sam and a Potato Soup tutorial from Jamison. Elijah used coloured resin to fill a panel in his chopping board. This is a new process we are teaching some of our students.

Elijah pouring coloured resin- into a chopping board

Parents will be pleased that our assessments will be available on PAM, from next term. Our Director, Mr Damian Kinnersly, has been working assiduously to make this a transparent process.

As the term comes to a close, the boys have been given the challenge of planning and managing our end of year Celebration. Senior students: Tyson S, Dylan, Kayne, Kyle and Elijah will take the lead on this major project. We are looking forward to acknowledging all the businesses and collaborative agencies that make our program vibrant. Watch out for the announcement of the -‘Save the Date- in future Crests.

I must mention the presentation, on April 3, of the Message Sticks that Kayne, Elijah, Tyson T, Stan, Ethan C and Sam prepared especially for the babies of Indigenous mothers at Ballarat Health Services. This idea came from a staff member who was previously a teacher in the program, Ms Janelle Spierings, and has resulted in a wonderful opportunity for our boys to contribute to the wider community.

Please click on- this linkto view photos from the Applied Learning Team.


Ms Lyn Maniz