April 14 – Email to students regarding remote learning

April 16, 2020

Dear students,

Welcome to Term Two. Teachers have been busy over the holidays planning and preparing our lessons to present remotely. This week will give us all a chance to adapt to remote learning so our focus will be on connecting with classes, setting guidelines and doing some class tasks which will be listed in SIMON.

Teachers will use email and MS Teams to communicate with classes. Just as we normally do, we will all continue to follow our timetables on SIMON.

Wednesday, April 15

8.45 Pastoral Care

Tomorrow morning your Pastoral Care teacher will contact you via email. The email will have a link to the MS Team meeting.

Click on the link. If prompted to use the MS Team app, “Launch it now”.

Session 2 – 8

After Pastoral Care your teacher for Session 2 will email you with a link to the MS Team for that class. For every timetabled session your teacher will contact you via email with instructions.

If you can’t launch MS Teams for the session, contact your teacher via email.

If you have any IT related issues, email helpdesk@stpats.vic.edu.au

Tomorrow is an important day in the history of St Patrick’s College. You will be part of the first remote roll call for our school. We are living in exciting times where we will thrive not just survive.

All the very best for your remote learning this term.


Mrs Petrov