Aths records broken

March 18, 2015

Heavy rain the night before and an overcast morning greeted students for the 2015 Athletics Carnival held again on the grounds of the College.-

The SPC Athletics team maintains its high profile standing within the College community and is proudly displayed along with the First XVIII in each year’s photos on the walls of the College.-

The 2015 SPC House Athletics Carnival again contributed to this fine tradition.-

The carnival format again gave all students the opportunity to participate in many different track and field events.-

The carnival was again a fantastic success, and the format ensured a premium is placed on participation with points significantly higher in value.

The carnival aims to:-

1. Provide for maximum participation;-

2. Provide a genuine carnival atmosphere and focus on finals and relays;-

3. Provide maximum use of SPC facilities.-

There were a number of records broken on the day and these included;-

Year 12 4x100m relay record-

Existing Record: Galvin 1997 – 48.4-

New record: NUNAN 2015 – 47.6-

400 m – Year 12:Boys-

Existing Record: B. Parnell 1994 – 53.30s-

New record: STUART ABERDEIN [NU] 53.10s-

Discus – Year 9:Boys-

Existing Record: C . Hughes 1982 – 29.77m-

New record: JAMES DICKSON [RY] 33.89m and ZACHARY WHEELAHAN [RY] 30.20m-

High Jump – Year 9:Boys-

Existing Record: Daniel Ross-Smith [KN] 2005 – 1.68m-

New record: BRADLEY CASTLEMAN [KN] 1.75m-

Thanks to all the staff on the day that facilitated such a fantastic event. The final results saw Galvin claim a narrow win on the day.-

Galvin 3842

Nunan 3831

Keniry 3241

Ryan 3133