Boarders send in remote learning images

April 23, 2020

This period of unprecedented remote and flexible learning for our students means many boys, perhaps for the first time, are truly missing coming to school each day.

They miss hanging out with their meets, playing downball, kicking the footy, joining their friends in the band or even just spending quality time together in the classroom, the science lab, the gym and the library.

However, for one group of students, this period of isolation comes as even more of a shock than usual.

Not only have our boarders been separated from their classmates, but they’ve also, in effect, been separated from their housemates as well.

The bonds built by studying and living together during teenage years are some of the strongest and most durable a person will experience in their lifetime.

Yet this term, our boarders who are so used to living in such a tight-knit community are dispersed across the country – from the Tiwi Islands in the north, to the Bellarine Peninsula in the south.

Our boarding staff are doing a wonderful job of keeping them as connected and united as possible, including asking our boys to send in photos of their home learning set-ups from across the country.

We share some of these photos in the gallery below.