Boarding Bulletin Board

August 6, 2020

As we find ourselves at the beginning of another period of remote learning, I am again reminded of the resilience and adaptability of our Boarders. The uncertainty and unpredictability of each passing week is hard to comprehend yet every day, Boarders living away from their homes, some 50km away, others 3,000km away, take it in their stride and just get on with it.

Over the past few weeks, the Boarders have been kept busy with a range of different activities offered to them, both within the College and within Boarding.

The Tattee Shield, played on the Main Oval in typical Ballarat conditions, and live streamed to a number of homes around Australia, was a resounding success and one that has secured its place in the College’s history books. Recognition and applause must be afforded to Ethan Councillor and Stanley Tipiloura, two of our current Year 12 Indigenous Boarders who first came up with the idea and presented it to our Director of Boarding, Mike Silcock. From there, the organisation, planning and execution of the match was a major effort across the College and one that I know was appreciated, especially from the families of our Boarders who participated. To be afforded the chance to watch the game from kilometres away, was very special for all. While the results did not go the way of the Indigenous/Boarding team, the Pumarali Dreamers, it was a fantastic game that recognised the skill and talent of many of our Senior Boarders. Congratulations to current Year 12 Boarder, Jordi Cossar who was awarded the Best on Ground for the Pumarali Dreamers.

At the conclusion of the game, we invited all our Boarders into the College Pavilion and shared a wonderful meal as a cohort. We were then witness to some of the most extraordinary perfo

rmances, from yodelling and rapping, to singing and joke telling, we had it all. It was a fantastic celebration of all the “talents” that exist within Boarding.

Over the past few weeks, several of our Boarders took the opportunity to participate in different intra-school activities, organised by the College. It was fantastic to see several our Junior Boarders, led by our Captain of Boarding, Ben Howard, participate in House Table Tennis. From all reports, Boarders dominated the tables!  We have also had Boarders compete in both Senior Football and Senior Basketball. Well done to all the Boarders who represented their House and added to their overall points tally.

Another initiative from our Boarding Leaders was an AFLX game, organised for our Junior Boarders. All Boarders from Years 7 to 9 were involved in a modified game, played on the Main Oval in near perfect conditions. There were plenty of laughs and high-flying marks throughout the game and it really enabled our Junior Boarders a chance to shine and show off some of their skills. Well done to Ben, Pat, and Ethan for organising such a wonderful event. This was then followed by a Senior Trivia Night where the general knowledge of our Boarders was put to the test. It was an intense competition which all seemed to enjoy.

As remote learning begins, several of our Boarders will log on to their classes from within the Boarding Precinct. Unfortunately, some are unable to travel home at this time, while others acknowledge that the structure of the Precinct will enhance their remote learning experience. To ensure their school-work and mental health are both well looked after, we will continue to offer all we can by maintaining as many of our current activities as possible. We will be encouraging our Boarders to take time away from their screens, to keep active and to remain healthy during this time. Precinct games, sports and activities are planned each evening.

We are blessed to be able to remain open and we will ensure that each and every one of our Boarders thrives throughout this time.

Get to Know SPC Boarding

Introducing:       Fred Batman-Baird

Fred is a current Yr12 student here at St Patrick’s.

Where is your Hometown?       

Jabiru, NT

How long have you been a Boarder at St Patrick’s College?

3 years

Why did you choose Boarding at St Patrick’s College?

Because I knew people that had been to the school and they said it was a good school.

What do you enjoy most about Boarding?

Being around friends and the different activities that we do.


Food:    Pasta

Drink:    Ice tea

Sport:    Footy

Movie:  Kung Fu Panda


Introducing:       Jo Crick

Jo is the Laundry Coordinator within the Precinct and ensures our Boarders are always well looked after.

Where is your Hometown?

Goroke Vic

How long have you been at St Patrick’s College for?

8 years

What do you enjoy most about SPC Boarding?

Communicating with the boys


Food: Thai

Drink: Hot Drink

Sport: Netball

Movie: Top Gun