Boarding Bulletin Board

August 21, 2020

As we enter the second full week of remote learning, our Boarders continue to take everything in their stride and adapt to the ever-changing situation within our Communities. We have been fortunate to be able to continue to offer activities in and around the College, keeping our Boarders active, happy, and trying out new things.

One of the highlights since the last report, was the brief snowfall we witnessed in Ballarat. For many of our Boarders, this was the first time they had seen falling snow or even snow in general. There was plenty of excitable squeals as Jo Walter Field was blanketed for a short amount of time. Photos shared to families back home were met with shocked replies and the ever-popular response, “I knew Ballarat was cold, but not that cold!” What an experience for some of our Boarders.

Another highlight over the past few weeks has been the introduction of activity time throughout the afternoon. After a solid day of online learning, Boarders have been allocated teams and compete in various activities for points that are then accumulated into a group tally. It has been extremely enjoyable to witness our Boarders stepping out of their comfort zones, playing games, and participating in activities that they may not have tried before. The result has certainly been an increase in friendly competition and constant excitement as to what the next activity may be. Since the induction of activity time, Boarders have captured flags, dodged balls, raced across ovals, ignited their NFL careers, shot basketballs, caught vortexes, spiked balls, played tag and tested their general knowledge in Kahoots, just to name a few!

As our Boarders are in such a unique position, we have asked those that have remained in the Precinct, to document how they are feeling during this time. To do this, Boarders are creating a Covid Canvas; drawing and designing an artwork to capture this moment. Once completed, we will display these pieces for people to contemplate and enjoy. It has been amazing to see some of the designs and concepts that the Boarders have come up with and we can’t wait to see the finished products.

Get to Know SPC Boarding

Introducing:       Mikey Raggett

Mikey is a current Yr 7 student here at St Patrick’s.

Where is your Hometown?       

Wallace Rockhole Community, NT

How long have you been a Boarder at St Patrick’s College?

Almost 1 year

Why did you choose Boarding at St Patrick’s College?

Because my Uncle’s came here and said that it was a good school.

What do you enjoy most about Boarding?

We get to do activities


Food:    Kangaroo Tail

Drink:    Mountain Dew

Sport:    Soccer and Footy

Movie:  Madagascar


Introducing:       Ryan Bullock

Ryan is a Housemaster here at St Patrick’s College and lives onsite to assist the Boarders with their day to day needs

Where is your Hometown?

Albury, NSW

How long have you been at St Patrick’s College for?

January, 2018

What do you enjoy most about SPC Boarding?

Having an awesome new Boarding Facility which allows us to be involved with our Boarders. Playing table tennis with our Boarders as well.


Food: Risotto

Drink: Coffee

Sport: Motorsport

Movie: Shawshank Redemption