Boarding Bulletin Board

September 17, 2020

Following a comprehensive process that included a letter of application, informal questions, student and staff votes and an interview, we are delighted to announce the following successful candidates for Boarding Leadership 2021:

– 2021 Captain of Boarding – Charlie Delaney

– 2021 Vice Captain of Boarding – Nicholas Hodgson

We have no doubt that these two young men will lead the Boarding Community with enthusiasm, reliability, and distinction. Already there are some wonderful ideas being suggested from Charlie and Nick and we look forward to watching them grow and strengthen in this leadership role.


Congratulations to our Year 12 Indigenous Boarders who were recognised at an intimate dinner on Tuesday evening, celebrating the wonderful involvement these Boarders have had on both the Boarding and wider College Communities. Teachers and Support Staff involved throughout their educational journey were in attendance and it was a fantastic send off for these impressive young men. Congratulations to Fred Batman-Baird, Tyrone Holt, Leyton Priest, Ethan Councillor, Stanley Tipiloura and Delroy Tranter. The Boarders returned home to their families and communities and we wish them all well in their future endeavors, knowing that what ever they chose to undertake, they will do so successfully and confidently.


It was with great excitement that our remote Indigenous Boarders, from Years 7 to 11, were also able to return the Northern Territory on Friday. While they are currently quarantining in Darwin, they are one step closer to seeing their families and friends, something they had all been looking forward to for quite some time.

Term 3 was one that will be remembered positively within the Boarding Community. We welcomed everyone back at the start of the term and had our fingers crossed that we would have a somewhat normal term. Early on in the term, we were a part of College History with the introduction of the Tattee Shield, a collaboration between our Senior Indigenous Boarders, Senior Boarders and Day Students. This also gave us the wonderful opportunity to showcase the skills of our Boarders at a talent night, a night that produced many entertaining moments, some more forgettable than others! Through the exceptional enthusiasm of our Boarding Leaders, we held Junior sports afternoons, allowing our younger Boarders the opportunity to get out of the Precinct and stretch their legs. The College also introduced the Inter-College competition which allowed our Boarders to compete against others in the school in sports such as Table Tennis, Football and Soccer. Unfortunately, two weeks into the term and the reintroduction to online learning, meant that a number of our Boarders took the option to return home to continue their classes. Approximately 30 Boarders remained in the Precinct for various reasons during this remote learning period and what an experience they had! The main highlight for this time would have to be the afternoon activity time. This gave our Boarders the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones, get to know each other a little better and compete in sports. We also had several movie nights, special dinners and surprise activities. By the end of the term, Boarders were gathered, ready to offer suggestions and excited to hear what the afternoon’s activity would be. Again, a special mention to Ben Howard, Pat Rea and Ethan Councillor who lead these activities and ensured all Boarders felt included and enjoyed their experiences.

As this term comes to a close, we would like to wish all of our Boarders and their families, a safe and enjoyable holiday break. As we are all aware, it has been a trying term with a lot of uncertainty and change but one that our Boarders continued to show strength and resilience throughout.

A Message from the Director of Boarding, Mr Mike Silcock

In recent times I have been grateful to both Tam and Ryan for writing our fortnightly Crest contribution. They have captured beautifully the fortnight’s Boarding ‘comings and goings’ and I hope you have all enjoyed the insight that they have provided. In this final Crest for Term (3) I wanted to add a brief note of thanks. When the Term (1) finished on Friday, March 27th no-one would have dared predict what the following weeks would look like. As we moved into our first period of Remote Learning, we constructed a Boarding remote support program that all in our Boarding Community acknowledged and appreciated. On Sunday, May 24th we welcomed back our senior Boarders into the Boarding Precinct as we returned to onsite learning. Since then, our Boarding Precinct has remained open. Our Boarding staff worked through the end of semester holiday, seeing a continuity of Boarding provision that spans over four months. The level of care has never once dropped, in fact many have reflected on this last period of Remote Learning as one of the most enjoyable periods in their Boarding journey. I would have to agree. I want to offer my sincerest thanks to all our staff, to Tam, Ryan, Gabe, Duncan, Jo, to Nyarth and his team, to Mark and his team – and, for the last period of time, to the additional support of the College’s Indigenous Managers, Jason and Fiona. Others, across the College, have been instrumental in supporting both our staff and the Boarders, as the photo from Tuesday’s farewell dinner demonstrates. We again await the coming weeks with a sense of trepidation, however we have demonstrated our capacity to overcome any and all challenges, so will look forward to welcoming all back for what is our final term of 2020. Enjoy your holiday, be safe.