Boarding Bulletin Board

October 15, 2020

Welcome back to all our Boarders and their families as we begin what will hopefully be an uninterrupted Term 4.

Again, we congratulate Charlie Delaney and Nick Hodgson who were officially recognised as the 2021 Boarding Leaders at the recent ‘Transfer of Leadership Ceremony’, which will be broadcast soon on the College’s media pages. While we were unable to be there physically, we look forward to the release of the filmed event so that we can enjoy watching them both receive their badges.

Congratulations to current Year 12 student, Benedict Howard, who was the first inaugural winner of the St Patrick’s College In Civitatem Award. This award recognises a Boarding student who has selflessly given for the greater good to all living within the Boarding Community. The Boarding student who receives the award has consistently acted in such a way to improve the Boarding experience for all. Benedict was instrumental in the development of our activity afternoons seen throughout the recent lockdown periods, continually ensured that Boarding students felt safe, connected and comforted during this time.

With many restrictions still in place and the delay in sports being played, we have continued our afternoon activities throughout the start of the term, allowing Boarders the opportunity to utilise the College grounds, enjoy the fresh air and spend quality time with each other. Our Boarders have really taken to this and it is wonderful to see the engagement and enjoyment that this time creates. Throughout this past week, we have seen intense games of soccer, cricket, vortex and frisbee.

This weekend past, we were very lucky to be welcomed by Golf City to take advantage of their outdoor driving range and mini golf course. It has been a long time coming, but it was nice for the Boarders to be out and about and participating in something a bit different than what has been the norm. Some found that golf was a game for them (others not), however all enjoyed the opportunity to have a hit.

This term we are excited to be one of the first Boarding schools to trial the Readiness program. Readiness has been developed by Simon Kearney, an alumna of St Patrick’s College. Simon has held Senior Performance positions at the St Kilda Football Club, Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club, Tennis Australia, Melbourne Tigers Basketball Club and Melbourne Football Club and has used this program with all of his players to help prevent injuries, improve sleep patterns and general health and wellbeing. More information will follow for Boarding families to consider our Boarders’ involvement with the program.

Introducing our 2021 Captain of Boarding;

Charlie Delaney

Home Town:

Barwon Heads

Why did you choose to board at St Patrick’s College:

I chose to board at St Pats because of the positive things I had heard about the Boarding Community. The various opportunities at St Pats, whether it be for sport, education or performing arts are so great that I could not pass up the chance to be a part of it all.

What is one of the best things about Boarding at St Patrick’s College:

For me, one of the best things is being surrounded by your friends, outside of school hours. Boarders arrive at St Pats from all parts of the Country and beyond and it is a wonderful atmosphere.

What inspired you to apply to be Captain of Boarding:

As a Year 11 student, I was given the opportunity to be part of the Prefect program, introducing me to the concept of Boarding Leadership. I enjoyed this experience and from things I learnt throughout this year, I am looking forward to putting them to work.

As the 2020 Captain of Boarding, what do you hope to achieve throughout the year:

As the Captain of Boarding, I want to continue to make the Boarding Precinct a place where people want to come back to. My aim is to continue to assist the staff and help to ensure that the Boarding Precinct thrives year after year. I think I can achieve this by listening to other Boarding Students and taking suggestions on board. I have loved my boarding experience and I hope to help others enjoy it just as much.