Boarding Bulletin Board

June 11, 2021

News around the Boarding Precinct

  • Thankyou to all of the students, families and staff who adapted so well to the snap, seven-day lockdown. It must be acknowledged that adapting to remote learning within the space of a few days is no mean feat and it was pleasing to see how well most of our boarding students were able to do this. We then did not skip a beat in returning into structures and routines within boarding – well done to all.


  • Our Year 11 students are currently in the middle of their exam period. Exams will begin shortly for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 and we have been emphasising the importance of prioritising, preparing and looking after themselves throughout this period. For some, it is their first experience with exams, while others are aware of expectations, but no matter where they come in, we know that they will do their best and that we are proud of all our students.


  • As this term draws to a close, we look back on the many opportunities that have been made available to our Boarders over the course of this semester. We have collected donations over the term for both the Ballarat Winter Woolies Drive, the Red Shield Appeal and various other organisations with events held within the College. On top of this, we have volunteered at many Community Events including the Australian Cycling Championships, Walk Off the War Within, the ANZAC Day Dawn Service and Commemorative Service and the Ballarat Cycle Classic. We have participated in the SPC Swimming Carnival, Athletics Day and Edmund Rice Day. We entered as a cohort in St Pat’s has Talent and participated in Theatre Studies workshops. We have played in cricket grand finals, exhibition football matches in Melbourne, and even our own Athletics Afternoon. Over the weekends we have bounced, bowled, and raced in go karts. It has been a very busy and enjoyable semester and it is wonderful to see so many of our Boarders take on these opportunities and make themselves available to participate in these wonderful events.



  • We wish all of our boarders well as they depart for the holiday period. We are so lucky to have our boarders come to us from so many different parts of Australia that we always look forward to the stories we hear upon their return of the many wonderful things they get up to. These vary from hunting, working on family farms or surfing on the beaches – whatever our boarders get up to over the holiday period, we hope they enjoy the time with their families and friends and stay safe.


  • We are often asked the process for our Boarding Students to visit with friends over the weekend. Friendships outside of the Boarding Precinct are so important for our Boarding Students and are certainly encouraged by the staff. If a Boarding Student would like weekend leave, an email to or a phone call to 5222 4414, will start the approval process.
  • As a number of our weekly boarders utilise public transport to return home for the weekend, a friendly reminder for parents to contact boarding to let us know that students have returned home safely. This can be done via an email to or a phone call to 5222 4414


Up-Coming Events


* Friday June 11 – Monday June 14 – Boarding EXEAT weekend


* Tuesday June 15 – Yr7 – 9 Exams begin


* Friday June 18 – End of Term 2