Boarding Bulletin Board

July 23, 2021

* Term 3 started with the excitement and enthusiasm we have come to expect upon the return from a three-week break. Our returning boarding students shared stories of holiday adventures and quality time spent with friends and family. It was wonderful to hear the Boarding Precinct alive with the sounds of excitable chatter.

* Over the break, one of our Housemasters, David, offered his resignation to the College. In his place, we have welcomed both Mr and Mrs Giampaolo into the Boarding Community, who are both familiar with our Boarding Students, being current teachers within the College.

* Unfortunately, “Lockdown 5” has meant that many of our boarding students have returned home to complete their online learning, while a small contingent of Boarders remains in the Boarding Precinct, some due to the closure of Interstate Boarders. Throughout this lockdown, we have maintained a consistent routine, where possible, to assist our Boarding Students navigate through this time, engaging our Boarders in activities to keep their minds and bodies active. After participating in online learning, those in the Precinct have competed in table tennis and pool competitions, three on three basketball matches, games of soccer, football, and movie nights. Mr Giampaolo has also organised some football sessions of an evening for those keen to maintain their skills and fitness over this time.

* Some things have stayed the same, such as our Boarding Students undertaking subject selections for next year, and our year 11’s applying for 2022 leadership positions. If any assistance is required for our Boarding Students to complete their subject selections, please do not hesitate to reach out to either College or Boarding Staff.

* Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Boarder’s Family Mass and Dinner, scheduled for Friday, July 30. It is hoped that this can be rescheduled to a later date and information will be sent out to our boarding families, as soon as possible.

* It continues to be our privilege to support our Boarders on their journey through St Patrick’s College. We are confident that we continue to do so in a safe and positive fashion, even in these most difficult of times. Stay safe and kind to one another.