Boarding Bulletin Board

August 6, 2021

The Boarding Olympics

While we navigated through Lockdown 5, we were excited that the Olympics had begun and enabled us all to watch, enthralled by the sportsmanship and talent on display. This then led to the commencement of the SPC Boarding Olympics

The opening ceremony began with boarding students choosing the countries they were to represent from the official Olympic Cap before competition got underway.

The table tennis tournament was the first scheduled event. There were plenty of confident athletes going in to the first round, however, after a few surprise losses, the competition soon became one of serious pride.

On to the volleyball competition which bought out the competitiveness in many. Court burns were the battle scars of those desperate to win points. Several countries joined forces, in the spirit of the Olympics, to take out the Volleyball Competition.

The basketball free throw competition was frantic against the clock. A minute to score as many as possible put the pressure on even the most confident of shooters.

Shot put with bean bags and hula hoops saw the tactical side of things emerge. Again, confidence was the key, and a convincing winner was crowned.

In true Olympic fashion, our athletes put their differences aside and joined each other for a walk to the Olympic Rings at Lake Wendouree. Here, the SPC Athletes compared their hand sizes to Olympic Champions and read about all of the Ballarat locals who competed at various Olympics.

Carpet Bowls was the next tournament to challenge the athletes and many rose to the challenge. Again, it was the tactical side of the game which led to the winners being announced.

A trip to Ballarat Gymsports pitted the athletes against gymnastics apparatus, including the trampoline, vault, beam, rope and rings. So much style and grace was on display.

To coincide with this Olympic event, our catering company have joined in on the action and are providing our SPC Boarding Athletes dinner each night, based on a different Country. Meals have so far been enjoyed from Germany, the United Kingdom, America, Ireland, India and Mexico.