Boarding Bulletin Board

March 5, 2020

By Director of Boarding, Mr Mike Silcock

‘Boarding Bulletin Board (T1 06/03/20)

News around the Boarding Precinct

  • This past fortnight we were delighted to have welcomed back Mr Ewen Larson into our Boarding Staff. Ewen has assumed the role of Housemaster whilst Ms Tam Westwood is on leave for the remainder of the term. Ewen will work alongside Mr Bullock and our GAP Tutors to ensure that your son is provided with the best possible care whilst Boarding at the College. Ewen has an association with St Patrick’s College Boarding that dates back a number of years and we are very fortunate that he can bring his wealth of expertise to our current Boarding cohort.
  • In 2019 a House system was introduced into our Boarding Precinct. The system was designed so that each of our Boarders are placed into a House, which has Boarders from all year levels within it. It is hoped that through competition and camaraderie our Boarders would get to know one other across the different year levels and create some positive connections for all within our Boarding Community.On Wednesday our Boarding Captain and Deputy Captains re-introduced this system for 2020. They introduced the four houses with names honouring our rich Boarding history at the College. The four Houses are Kenny, Phyland – Farley, Nangle and McCann. Our Boarders were introduced to their new house via a (mock) ‘Draft’ and when each house was introduced each Boarder was congratulated by our Senior Boarding Leaders before having their House photo. Following the introductions each House then went into a team meeting so that House Captains could be nominated before the first event for the year, a House Table Tennis Competition, commenced.All Boarders then gathered in their Houses in our Activity space as they watched and cheered their housemates who were randomly chosen to play. It was great to witness all of the boys getting into the team spirit and buying into our new House system. We now look forward to the many opportunities, competitions and activities we will have throughout the year and watching our Boarding Community come closer together.
  • The annual ‘Walk off the War Within’ Fundraiser was held last Saturday on the College grounds. A number of our Boarders, led by Mr Larsen, woke up at 6:30am to help with the set up of the event in preparation for the 1200 participants that would take part in the walk. It was great to see all of our Boarders get out and participate by walking a few laps to show their support for people who suffer from PTSD. Following the event our Boarders then helped with the pack up of the event, which was greatly appreciated by the organisers. A particular highlight for the boys this year was the Firefighting Helicopter that landed on Hill Oval the night before. Thanks go to all those that helped out, across the Ballarat Community, and specifically to our Boarders who continue our desire to give back to others.
  • On Sunday 1st March eleven of our Boarders, accompanied by Mr Larson and GAP Tutor Gabe Connelly, took part in the ‘Clean up Australia’ day. They participated in a local clean up along the banks of the Yarrowee River. As always a special thank you goes to all those that participated and volunteered their time. I would also encourage all of our Boarders to participate in the many upcoming volunteering activities that will be held throughout the year.
  • This weekend we have our first EXEAT. These weekends usually coincide with a long weekend and allow our Boarders a chance to return home, visit friends and family and just have an extra day to relax and re-focus during the term. Even for those who will stay in with us the EXEAT weekend represents a change of pace, that inevitably helps all in our Boarding Community prepare for the last part of term. We encourage all to check our College calendar and plan for our future EXEATS.

Term 1 Up-Coming Events

  • The first EXEAT weekend for all of our Boarders begins on Friday March 6 (5pm) until Monday March 9 (5pm).
  • Boarding Parent Teacher Interviews Friday March 27, 2:30pm – 3:30pm.
  • End of Term 1 Friday March 27, 3:30pm.