Boarding Bulletin Board

March 31, 2022

by Director of Boarding, Mr Brendon Gilbert

It has been a fortnight full of activities, learning experiences and achievements for our boarders. Our young people are encouraged to take up the College’s plethora of opportunities to enrich their boarding and school experience. The breadth of these experiences plays a crucial role in developing their character and supporting their transition into young men. It is an active community with lots of our boys making the most of their opportunities.


It was delightful to welcome our mothers to the Boarding Community on Saturday for a night of fun. This event was a special occasion to enhance the connection between our young people, the significant females in their lives, and the mothers themselves. Hopefully, this event started many friendships that will last for years. Thank you to Luci, Michelle, Toby and Ed for their beautiful reflections; they were the highlight of the evening and certainly made us all reflect on our relationships with the significant people in our lives.

Guest Speaker Leadership Program

Over the last two weeks, we welcomed Howard Clark and Steven O’Connor into our Boarding House to speak as part of our Guest Speaker Leadership program.

Howard is a long-standing staff member; he has spent the past 35 years at the College in various roles, including boarding. He is most famous for developing the Football Program into an experiential learning opportunity for our young people to build their character and football talents. Howard spoke passionately about values, doing good and being good, and the Boarding House’s identity. The boarders were captivated by Howard’s personal story and his journey to develop the Football Program into today’s footy factory.

Steven spoke enthusiastically about respectful relationships with a particular focus on gender equality. He shared his story about his paternal grandmother, who played a significant role in shaping his values and providing wise counsel throughout his life.  It was a timely conversation following our Mother/Son event and allowed the boys to reflect on their relationships with the significant females in their lives. We are grateful to Steven for his contribution to the Guest Speaker Leadership Program, and we thank him for investing in our program and advocating for our young people.

Interhouse Competition

Our House Captains continue to impress in their aim to enrich the boarding experience for our community. They have recently created an Inter-House competition that has the students evenly split into four houses to compete in various activities each Wednesday evening. The houses are based on our previous Boarding Houses: Kenny, McCann, Nagle, and Phyland-Farley. The students have competed in multiple trivia activities and table tennis competitions and enjoy competing with peers outside of their year levels.

Study Skills

We have completed the first part of the Study Skills Program that focused on responsibility, mindset, habits, marginal gains and the 1% factor. We will shift our attention to planning, goal setting, note-taking, spaced repetition, exam preparation and active recall. 

Student Achievements

Second XI Cricket – Congratulations to the members of the cricket side on their outstanding performances recently. Well done to Harry Lawson for scoring 67 against Clarendon College and Lincoln Koliba also scoring 67 against St Pat’s Day School Team. Furthermore, Lincoln recently debuted for the First XI Cricket Team, a fantastic achievement for a Year 9 student. We wish the Second XI Boarding Team all the best in the Grand Final.

First XI Soccer – Congratulations to Chan, Nor and Will Cairns on their efforts in the BAS competition.

First XVIII Football – Well done to Jack James, Ed Turner, Liam Farnsworth, Harry Lawson, Luke Smith, Gus Toll and Ollie Hannaford on representing the College against Whitefriars and Assumption College.

BAS Golf Championship – Congratulations to Brayden Purchase, Ollie Hannaford, Nick Belleville and Jimmy Duxson on their performances.

ACC Swimming Carnival – Congratulations to Nathan Louw, Ollie Daykin, Hugo Johnston, Nick and Lachie Belleville on playing a pivotal role in helping the College place second in this competition.

Luke Weidemann – Congratulations to Luke on being selected for the Melbourne Stars Junior Cricket Program. Luke has also been enjoying playing in the Boarders’ Seconds Cricket Team.

Eric Yang – Congratulations to Eric on his role as the third speaker in the College Debating Team to help win against Ballarat High.

Student Awards

We have recently introduced three awards presented each Sunday evening to our boarders that recognise the behaviours that we wish to celebrate in our community.

Week 7

Citizenship – Jack James for his efforts in organising various boarding community events to enhance connection.

Study Star – Marc Tedcastle has transitioned exceptionally well to St Pat’s and the boarding community. It’s a daunting prospect to board as a Year 7 from interstate; however, Marc has taken to this like a duck to water and continues to shine in his academic program.

Clean Room – Lachlan Fazzolari is an exceptionally organised and neat student. He shows respect for his environment by keeping his room meticulously clean.

Week 8

Citizenship – Ed de Salis for his leadership in developing the Inter-House competition to enhance the vertical connection amongst the Boarding House members.

Study Star – Brayden Purchase for his diligence and good role modelling during the study.

Clean Room – Alex Chen consistently shows high respect for his living environment.

Congratulations to the entire boarding community for the way they have navigated Term 1. We have experienced the challenges and triumphs that 80 young people living away from home will present us with. We thank each family for their support and working in partnership with us to continually enhance our program. We wish our community a safe and joyous holiday break with loved ones. It is well deserved.

The Boarding Team.