Boarding Bulletin Board

June 18, 2020

It feels like only yesterday when our Boarders returned to the Precinct, however we are now looking towards the Term 2 break and the holiday period that it contains. To say that we have expected a lot from our Boarders is an understatement. To ask them to embrace and conquer the online learning platforms and then to return to face-to-face learning all within a term has been a huge task, yet one that was undertaken with enthusiasm, excellence, and excitement. We could not be prouder as a Community on what many have achieved throughout this time.

At this time, there are still many activities and events that we are all waiting on the edge of our seats to have return, nevertheless, it has been pleasing to see many of our Boarders maintain their fitness by sourcing new training venues and techniques, while others rediscovered passions and talents that they were unaware that they had.

While many of our Boarders are planning to return back to their hometowns for the two-week holiday period, we have a small number of Boarders who will continue to live and learn within the Precinct. This has allowed many, the opportunity to continue with a familiar routine while utilising the time to maintain their study habits. Whether our Boarders return home or remain, we hope they all have an enjoyable and relaxing two weeks.

Get to Know SPC Boarding

Introducing:       Pat Rea

Pat Rea is a current Year 12 student here at St Patrick’s and is one of our Vice Captains of Boarding

Where is your Hometown?        

Warrnambool, Victoria.

How long have you been a Boarder at St Patrick’s College?

Two years, since year 11.

Why did you choose Boarding at St Patrick’s College?

I chose St Pat’s because of their football program and opportunities, while also they have a really great academic program. I also really liked the Boarding Precinct and the College’s culture.

What do you enjoy most about Boarding?

What I enjoy about Boarding the most is that you get to live with mates all in the same house together and get the opportunity to meet new people from a variety of different places.



Food:    A good steak with potatoes and veggies

Drink:    Chocolate Milk

Sport:    Footy

Movie:  Once Upon A Time In Hollywood


Introducing:       Duncan Krige

Duncan is a current GAP Tutor working within the Boarding Precinct.

Where is your Hometown?

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

How long have you been in Ballarat for?

About a month

What were your first impressions of Ballarat?

Small but homie Old Town with pretty buildings.

What do you enjoy most about SPC Boarding?

It has to be the Boarders and interacting with them.


Food:    Seafood and or Steak

Drink:    Coke

Sport:    Rugby

Movie:  The Great Gatsby or Forest Gump