Boarding Bulletin Board – August 22, 2019

August 21, 2019

Boarding Bulletin Board (T3 23/8/19)

News around the Boarding Precinct

  • This term is certainly flying by as we’ve just returned from our Term 3 EXEAT Weekend. These weekends are always a great opportunity for our Boarders to have some rest and relaxation in a hope that they will come back ready to focus on the remainder of the term. It is also a timely reminder for our Year 12 Boarders that trial examinations are fast approaching, and they need to ensure that they utilising their study times wisely to achieve their best. Further correspondence will follow in the coming weeks, however we would remind you that the Boarding Precinct will open for the three evenings in the second week of the forthcoming holidays to allow our Boarders completing a 3/4 subject to sit the practice exam. That said, the College does allow our Boarders to take examinations home, so there are options either way.
  • It is once again that time of year when the College commences the transition to our new student leaders for 2020. We congratulate those young men who have been awarded the senior College positions. The final pieces to the College student leadership team are our Boarding leaders. This past week we asked our Year 11 Boarders to submit a letter of interest for the positions of Captain of Boarding and Vice-Captain of Boarding. We have had several strong candidates apply for these positions and have already conducted voting within the Boarding Precinct from our Boarders and Boarding staff. Over the coming weeks these candidates will be interviewed and then finally selected with the announcement to be made at the Leadership Transfer Assembly on 17th September. Good Luck to those that have applied.
  • This year we have seen several our Junior Boarders get involved in the College’s Soccer Program each Thursday afternoon. We have been tracking the teams progress throughout the term and it has been great to see so many of these boys chatting about different sports and getting involved in all that the College has to offer. We continue to encourage our Boarders to embrace all aspects of College life to maximise their Boarding experience.
  • This last week has been a shortened week due to the Term 3 EXEAT weekend. It was great to see our Boarders return on Monday afternoon and hear all about activities and experiences that they had over the weekend. We encourage all of our Boarders to now work hard for the remainder of Term 3.
  • This Friday we look forward to the continuation of an initiative implemented this year. A number of our Boarders will learn some new culinary skills as they help out in the kitchen with food preparation for our Friday evening meal. This program started during last term to help our Boarders learn critical life skills, like in the kitchen as they don’t always get the opportunity to help prepare a meal whilst living in the Boarding environment. Thanks, must go to the team at Chartwells for helping us provide this wonderful opportunity.
  • This year we have seen several our Boarders get involved in the Music Program at the College and it was a real treat to see them perform at the St Patrick’s College in Concert last Thursday evening. Congratulations must go to Alex Byham (11), Bradley Singe (10), Xavier Ryan (7) and Dwayne Hayes (7) who all performed several items throughout the evening. – –
  • It is once again finals time in the Ballarat Football Netball League. A number of our boys are representing their clubs in finals over the coming weeks and we wish them all the best of luck in their upcoming matches.

Term 3 Up-Coming Events

  • Tuesday 17 September -“ Leadership Transfer Assembly
  • Friday 20 – September -“ End of Term 3 and Boarder Parent Teacher Interviews
  • VCE Unit 3/4 Trial Examinations -“ Tuesday, October 1 to Thursday, October 3

(Boarding Precinct open Monday, September 30 (5pm) to Thursday, October 3 (5pm)