Boarding Bulletin Board – February 21, 2019

February 20, 2019

-‘Boarding Bulletin Board (T1)’

News around the Boarding Precinct

  • This past Friday night we celebrated our -‘Welcome to Community’ Boarding Community Mass and Dinner. We started the evening with Mass in the College Chapel led by Father Rupert, followed by a traditional Indigenous Smoking Ceremony in the Boarding Precinct Garden. We then moved down to the College Pavilion where we enjoyed a three-course meal. It was a fantastic occasion to be able to welcome all our new families into our Boarding Community and to also welcome back our current families for 2019. These nights are a great opportunity for our families to come together make new connections and further enrich our Boarding Community. We encourage all parents to attend these events throughout the year.

  • Our Boarders enjoyed our Annual SPC Swimming Sports event on Wednesday. Traditionally this event is compulsory four all boys in Years 7, 8 & 12 and all competitors. Our boys enjoyed the novelty events, cheering on their Houses and watching their mates compete. Some of our Boarders achieved some great results and a particular mention must go to Eoghan Purser who was awarded the Yr7 age champion. Nick Hodgson and Toby Jennings also swam well and brought home a significant number of wins.

  • The GWV Rebels had their first list reduction, cutting their squad from 150 down to 60. Whilst a number of our Boarders have made it through, unfortunately a few have not progressed to the next stage. We wish the boys the best of luck in the practice games this weekend as the trials continue. We would also highlight the wonderful resilience and determination shown by those who did not make it. Life is full of ups and downs, our Boarders responses to this setback as shown an incredible degree of maturity.

  • This week saw the beginning of our new Boarding House System. This new initiative has been implemented by our Captain of Boarding Jack Tillig and the easiest way to describe it would be that it is similar to the House System in Harry Potter. Our Houses have been named after our previous Boarding Houses, which were Kenny, Sturt, McCann and McCunnie. The main concept behind this initiative is to bring our Boarders together through friendly competition and allowing all boys to compete for points no matter what their age. Points will be awarded via Academic Achievement (Chris Nolan Awards), representing the school in sport, music or drama, using initiative, Inter-Boarding sporting events, participation in Social Justice, Boarding Contests set by Housemasters and also school sports. At the end of the year the points will be tallied, and the winning house will receive an award. We look forward to this new chapter in Boarding.

  • This week also saw the introduction of our new Study Buddy system. All of the boys in Yr7 have been paired with several boys in Yr12 and the boys in Y8 have been paired with several Boys in Yr11. These boys will now work with each other in the study periods before dinner on Tuesdays in order to help the juniors with any homework, organisation and to get to know each other.

  • Over the last few weeks a number of boys have been getting into Local Club Football Pre-Season and also Rugby Pre-Season training. It has been great to see a number of our returning Boarders encourage our new Boarders to come and try out with our local clubs and get them involved in a team sport.

  • This weekend we have the Annual Head of The Lake Rowing Regatta in Ballarat. We wish Connor Shugg (Captain of Boats 2019), Xavier Hayter and Angus Troup all the best as they represent the College.

  • On Saturday 9/2 we took a group of boys down to the local trampoline activity Xtreme Bounce. This activity has become a favourite of our Boarders and it was certainly a fun filled and exhausting night. It was great to see the Boarders and staff put their skills to the test in the Dodgeball Arena, Trampoline walls, the Airbag pit and the Basket Ball dunk arena as well as boys trying different tricks and stunts. Although the activity only lasted a couple of hours the boys and staff were very tired and lights out went very smoothly

    Up-Coming Events

  • Sunday February 24 is the annual Head of the Lake rowing event here at Lake Wendouree. We are all looking forward to cheering on all of the boys from SPC on the day, especially current Yr12 Boarding Student, Connor Shugg, who is the Captain of Boats and a vital member of the 1st Crew.

  • The first EXEAT weekend for all of our boarders begins on Friday March 8 (5pm) until Monday March 11 (5pm).