Boarding Bulletin Board Term 4 – October 17, 2019

October 17, 2019

Boarding Bulletin Board (T4)

News around the Boarding Precinct

• What a busy and exciting first few weeks we have had here in Boarding to start Term (4). Our Year 12 cohort spent their break sitting practice exams and attending revision classes to prepare for their upcoming VCE Examinations. The remainder of our Boarders returned home, catching up with friends and spending time with families.

• This coming Sunday, the 20th October we look forward to celebrating our annual Year 12 Boarders’ Farewell Mass and Dinner. In front of over 100 family and friends, we are able to acknowledge the wonderful journey of our Year 12 students who are entering the final stages of their lives as College students. This occasion will also mark the welcome of incoming Captain of Boarding, Ben Howard, who will deliver his first official address. It will be a special night of celebration, memories and many stories, a night we are all privileged to be a part of.

• Following on from this, congratulations extends to our Year 12 boarders and the entire Year 12 cohort who officially complete their year on Wednesday 23rd October. Their time at the College will be celebrated throughout the day, starting with a cooked breakfast and an afternoon of reminiscing over photos and videos. The day concludes with a beautiful, Thanksgiving Mass at St Patrick’s College Cathedral, which will see the entire cohort perform a musical ensemble in front of family, friends and staff. We are very proud of how the Boarders have conducted themselves at this time and the continued preparation they have put in for their final exams. We wish them all well as the first exams get underway in just two weeks time.
• On Tuesday 15th October, the 2019 SPC Basketball Presentation Dinner was held. This was a wonderful occasion where many of our boarders were recognised for their commitment to the basketball program. Cooper Atchison (12) and Lou Paul (12) were acknowledged for being members of the First V team while the following Boarders won individual awards:
Sam Scott (10) – Intermediate Coaches Award
Mitch Hobbs (12) – Senior Coaches Award – SPC Green
Benson Miller (12) – Senior MVP – SPC Green
Well done to all the Boarders that participated throughout the basketball season.

Introducing our 2020 Captain of Boarding;
Benedict Howard

Home Town:

Why did you choose to Board at St Patrick’s College:
As I reached the end of Year 10 in 2018, I was looking to improve my academics, sports and leadership qualities. Unfortunately, the opportunity for this was not available at my previous school. When I first toured St Patrick’s College, I was in awe of the amazing facilities the College and Boarding both presented. My parents gave me the responsibility of making the decision and after discussing all the available possibilities, I knew It was the right place for me. Ever since I have arrived at St Patrick’s College, everything I had planned on improving has been improved, due to the help of College Staff and my peers. Boarding at this College is a huge privilege and I will do everything in my power to make the most of the opportunities as they present themselves.

What is one of the best things about Boarding at St Patrick’s College:
There are many things about Boarding that are great, but one of the main things St Patrick’s Boarding does the best is the Community that is created and how respected everybody is within our Precinct. Our stories, individual values and our unique personalities are all able to be expressed and embraced by others, without judgement. One of the things that I, and all the St Patrick’s College Boarders, know is that we are very privileged to have the opportunity to be in Boarding. Boarding not only is a place we sleep, but a place where we can seek and gain the help with our academics, sports and a plethora of other areas. Every day we are supported by our Staff, led by Mr Silcock, and including our Housemasters, Ms Westwood, Mr Bullock, the GAP Tutors and Jo, who all do a fantastic job in making the Boarding Precinct a great place for everyone.

What inspired you to apply to be Captain of Boarding:
At the beginning of the year I was offered the opportunity, along with many of my peers, to join the Year 11 Prefect Leadership Group. This allowed me to show and develop my leadership qualities within the Precinct. This leadership group, and the things we achieved, allowed me to recognise and set new goals for myself, one of them being to apply to be Captain of Boarding. I understood that it was not going to be an easy goal to reach, but once I had made my decision to apply for Captain I was supported by the whole Boarding cohort and our Year 12s extensively. I knew I could bring some new ideas to the table and I wanted to put my best foot forward to make the Boarding Precinct the best place it can be for 2020.

As the 2020 Captain of Boarding, what do you hope to achieve throughout the year:
In 2020 I look forward to working with my Vice-Captains of Boarding, Patrick and Ethan, to create a positive environment for all within our Boarding Community. We will carry on the traditions of previous Boarding Student Leaders, as well as continue to be positive role models, nurturing and embracing every Boarder’s uniqueness. These values will be explored, developed and used, to create a competitive spirit and a house system in which individual’s strengths will be showcased, whether it is giving back to the society through Social Justice initiatives or participating in a sporting event.

Term 4 Up-Coming Events

• Wednesday 23rd October – Final Day for Year 12
• Friday 1st November (5pm) until Tuesday 5th November (5pm) – Boarders EXEAT Weekend
• Friday 8th November – Year 11 Exams begin
• Monday 18th November – Tuesday 26th November – Year 12, 2020 “Headstart” Week
• Friday 22nd November – Year 12 Valedictory Dinner
• Tuesday 26th November – Final Day for Year 11
• Wednesday 27th November – Year 10 Exams begin
• Friday 29th November until Tuesday 3rd December – New Boarding Students Orientation
• Monday 2nd December – Yr 7-9 Exams begin
• Friday 6th December – Final Day for Year 7 – 10 (3.25pm finish)