Boarding Bulletin Board Term 4 Week 8

November 29, 2019

Boarding Bulletin Board Term 4 Week 8


News around the Boarding Precinct


  • The 2019 Valedictory Dinner was held on Friday night in the beautifully transformed St Patrick’s College Gymnasium. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the class of 2019, especially our Boarding cohort who have completed many successful years with us. While it is difficult to farewell our Yr12 Boarders, we wish them well in all their future endeavours, knowing that if they continue to strive to be their best then there is no limit to what they can accomplish.


  • Whilst we must farewell our Yr12 cohort, we also farewell one of our Senior GAP Tutors, Daniel Lombard. Daniel has been a wonderful addition to our St Patrick’s College Boarding Staff over the last twelve months and has made many positive impressions on both our students and staff within our Boarding Precinct and across the wider College. We wish Daniel well as he returns home to South Africa before embarking on an IT Data Analysis career in Sydney.


  • Last week Boarding students Tyson Tipuamantamerri and Jayden Tonks attended the Airforce Indigenous Youth Program Work Experience week at the RAAF Base in East Sale. Both Boarders said it was an unbelievable experience, which further developed their passion for a potential career in the air force.


  • Congratulations to our current Year 11 cohort who have recently completed a successful Head-start week. This is a wonderful opportunity given to our Year 11s, to provide a taste of their 2020 Yr12 3/4 subjects, along with a very clear and concise look at the expectations of completing Year 12. We would also highlight that they will have been given holiday homework that they need to address before returning in January.We wish our Year 10s well as they begin their own exams this week. It is important that our Year 10s are able to develop positive study habits along with experience in sitting exams, preparing them for the future. Examinations are just one indicator of our student’s success, however they do provide a good marker as to where the student’s are and what they may need to focus on in the future.


  • I would like to add a very personal note to conclude Boarding’s contribution to this fortnight’s Crest report. Firstly, I would like to thank all those in our Boarding Community who took the time to send me messages of support whilst I have been overseas visiting my father. There would be many in our Community who have suffered loss and illness to loved ones, so I do not need to tell you how that feels, however I would say how significant the messages of support have been to me at this time. Secondly, I want to extend a very public thank you to our Boarding Staff. Boarding (as I knew it would) has continued seamlessly in my absence, providing (as always) the very best care for our Boarders, especially at this challenging time with our Yr12s completing their studies and our other Year Levels entering their examination period. To be absent for a month and for the ship to sail steadily is a great testament to the wonderful professionalism of all our Boarding Staff.


Term 4 Up-Coming Events

  • Sunday 1st December to Tuesday 3rd December – New Boarding Students Orientation
  • Friday 6th December – Final Day for Year 7 – 10 (3.25pm finish)