Boarding Report – August 13, 2015

August 12, 2015

Director of Boarding

Change!! By now you will have all received the Headmaster’s correspondence announcing the changes in boarding for next year and beyond.

C.S.Lewis wrote -Mere change is not growth. Growth is the synthesis of change and continuity, and where there is no continuity there is no growth.-

I share this with you not to temper the community’s excitement at the changes that are coming to boarding at the College but to reassure all that the changes are only to build (please excuse the pun!!) on the program we currently offer -“ a program that we believe provides an excellent boarding experience for your sons.

All within our boarding community are aware that I believe in the importance of constantly evolving, of challenging ourselves to ensure the betterment of your sons’ experience. We encourage your active involvement in all we do here at the College so would invite any questions or ideas you may have on our future plans to be communicated to us.

Our goal for 2017, with the opening of our new facility, is to offer a premium, boutique boarding experience that is unrivalled. These are truly exciting times for our boarding community.

Speaking of exciting times I would love to thank all those who attended our Term (3) Boarding Community Mass & Family Dinner. The atmosphere both in the Chapel and our Old Collegians’ Pavilion was something to behold and the informal nature of dinner, with an array of international cuisines, was certainly well-received by all.

I share with you now a few reflections from a number within our boarding community on last Friday’s occasion.

-I thought it was a relaxing and social evening. I liked the food; especially the variety!- Caroline Pruscino (Study Supervisor)

-I liked the idea of no set seats and a more stand up theme, it forced people to mingle a little more. The variety in food was good as it catered for everyone that was there, just in case they didn’t like certain foods.- James Petrie (Housemaster)

-it was a great- occasion-¦ your plan having people moving around for their food lent to a more relaxed and social event. It meant mixing with more people than sitting at the one table for the night -“ our thanks for the opportunity to meet with our boys’ friends, parents and staff.- Trevor Jury (Yr12 Parent)

-I think it was a great night, because there were many kinds of foods, drinks, and many other people. I get to talk with many other people, who I don’t met usually on that night, and we talked about Aussie culture and Japanese culture.- Koki Hamasaki (Yr10 Japanese Exchange Student)

-I really had a great time that day! I talked to lots of students and the meal was terrific. I wish there’s more chance to have these kind of meal again.- Tatsuaki Tsukuda (Yr10 Japanese Exchange Student)

-The Boarding Dinner has been a great experience for me. Especially the non-formal atmosphere was awesome because I had the opportunity to talk to students, staff and parents on a completely different way and I think I know lots of them way better than the days before. Moreover I really appreciated the effort of the chefs and waitresses with their ideas of the international dinner which reflected in my opinion the community of St Patricks College where people from all over the world work together, learn together and play sports together.- Julian Rapp (GAP Tutor)

-Personally, I would say it was a successful evening! The food was varied and the mood was very good.- Jan Reiners (GAP Tutor)

Finally it would be remiss of me to highlight a significant weekend of sport in the College’s history this past weekend. I offer my congratulations to all those involved in the 1stXVIII football program on their -‘sixth success’ in the Herald Sun Shield -“ a number of our boarders have been a part of this side throughout the season and on Saturday itself. It is truly a remarkable achievement. Our 1stXV rugby were unable to win their State Grand Final against a side playing in their 21st consecutive final but produced a spirited performance that all can be most proud of. Again our boarders were integral to the success of the rugby side and should be praised for their unparalleled success this season. At the time of writing this we await the result of our 1stXI soccer’s Grand Final against old foes College but want to recognise the efforts of boarders Dennis Heinke and William Munter who have been mainstays in this side.

This past fortnight has also seen our Year9 and Year10 socials, an academic assembly where a number of our boarders’ academic endeavours were rewarded, the -‘Boarders’ 2ndV basketball side continue their unbeaten season and personal success for a number of our staff members, with Nangle Housemaster, Michael Murphy heavily involved in the College’s -‘SPC in Concert’ and Senior Housemaster, Ross Wise appointed Director of Middle School for 2016.

Inevitably I have missed both individual and collective success from within our boarding community but as always I would direct you towards both the College’s and boarding’s social media, updated daily, for all the many triumphs.

Lastly it gives me great pleasure to announce the arrival of Ainslie’s and my first child -“ Banjo Michael was born this past Monday, 10th August at 6.58pm. Both Mum and bub are well and should be home this weekend. Thank you to the whole community for your kind support and well wishes throughout Ainslie’s pregnancy. We look forward to you all seeing him at our next boarding community event.

Look after yourselves.

Mike Silcock.