Boarding Report – July 30, 2015

July 29, 2015

What a fortnight it has been for our boarders. A boarding experience is supposed to provide a holistic education -“ one that is based on a boarders’ academic, spiritual, co-curricular and pastoral endeavours. We the SPC Boarding Community Staff are privileged to have our lives enriched by time spent with your sons. The highlights can be as simple as a quiet conversation with a boarder at Recess after he has achieved a pleasing mark in a piece of assessment, an opportunity to join our boarding cohort on any number of wonderful weekend activities organised or, as has been the case this past fortnight, witnessing the camaraderie and individual success that is enjoyed by our boys.

Ultimately this past Wednesday evening will live long in the memories of our whole boarding community. Success on the field was enjoyed by both our College’s 1stXVIII and the -‘Boarders’ 2ndXVIII but it was the celebration back in the College (Boarders) Dining Room upon returning to St Pats that was simply wonderful to see. All of our boarding cohort, from the youngest to the eldest, those that had played, those who had supported their boarding brethren, sharing pizza, soft drink and ice creams with one another and our dedicated team of staff. The atmosphere was electric, all were thoroughly enjoying themselves. It is said that only through adversity can true togetherness be appreciated or experienced but those who witnessed events last Wednesday night would at best agree to disagree. It is our goal to be an inclusive community, a community that does not just promote the accomplishments of a few but one that focuses on the collective. Our -‘Boarders’ 2ndXVIII captures this essence beautifully. It is prudent that the coach Mr Ross Wise and his support, our catering manager, Mr Bernie Kenna, are congratulated on their coordination of this program this year and in fact also last year where the side were ultimately unsuccessful in the grand final. The final itself was a nail biter -“ a goal almost on the final siren secured just a seven point victory for the boarders over the College’s Year10 XVIII who demonstrated by their very presence in the 2ndXVIII Grand Final the football strength that exists at the College. It would also be remiss of me not to acknowledge the wonderful achievement of the 1stXVIII who won their ninth consecutive BAS Football title. Over the course of the 1stXVIII season almost half of the boarding cohort would have donned the 1stXVIII jersey and it was with great pride that we witnessed Jacob Hopper, our Kenny House House Captain and 1stXVIII Captain, lift the BAS Football Cup.

It was a particularly successful week for Jacob as he was also awarded the College’s Pierre de Coubertin award, which acknowledges the qualities of initiative, teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play, at the Headmaster’s Assembly on Tuesday morning. Continuing with some individual success we congratulate Phyland-Farley House Captain and 1stXV (Rugby) Captain Joshua Coward who was selected in the Australian Youth 7s side to perform at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa over the September school holidays. This is a phenomenal achievement and we will all now have added incentive to follow the Australian Youth team’s progress at these upcoming Games.

We have now entered that time of the year when we receive and conduct many enrolment interviews and at each of these I stress that any boarder at SPC can expect to leave with that holistic education -“ as we focus on all facets of our boarders’ endeavours at the College. That said it has been a particularly successful time on the sports field for our boarders and to all that have had success, for the College or outside clubs or representative teams, we are extremely proud of you and the manner in which all our boarders conduct themselves on and off the field.- – – –

Look after yourselves.

Mike Silcock.