Boarding Report – May 28, 2015

May 27, 2015

Director of Boarding

Balance!! American author Vanessa Minnillo once wrote -I think there should be a good balance between being a good student and being able to enjoy your high school life-. A fortnight ago I reflected on society’s urge to determine one’s future often at the expense of enjoyment in the present. This evening as I put my thoughts to paper I can’t help but question whether we as educators lose sight of the observation Vanessa Minnillo makes. Whilst we strive to enable our students to achieve the very best for themselves, to fulfil their potential, do we do so at the cost of their simple enjoyment? Many refer to school as some of the best days of our lives but, in today’s world, is this still the case. Are the expectations on our students so great and varied that little enjoyment is gleaned?

Here at St Patrick’s College, particularly within our boarding community, we place great emphasis on the -‘experience’. It is important to note that there can be both positive and negative experiences but either way they are invaluable in ensuring a balance is achieved for the young men in our care. SPC Boarding brings an eclectic group of students together, each with individual goals. Whilst we aim to facilitate success for all our boarders as they strive towards achieving these goals we as a boarding staff community regularly take the time to ask those in our charge to just stop, take a moment and do whatever they find enjoyable. For some that may come from accomplishment, for others from spending time with friends and family but whatever form it needs to take it is an integral part of their education. Only if a balance can be found between endeavour and enjoyment can a true sense of success be achieved.

It has been a busy fortnight for many within our boarding community for both students and staff, as the reflections that follow a test to, but in all cases it is clear that balance is a necessity. In the coming days we as a whole boarding community will come together to celebrate. We will enjoy each other’s company through Mass and then our Term (2) family dinner. This occasion coincides with our recognition and acknowledgement of our rich Indigenous heritage as part of Reconciliation Week. These are the moments that I enjoy as I know so do many of you and, as always, I thank you for your continued support.

Look after yourselves, Mike Silcock

Boarding Staff -“ Mr Liam Young

Being a graduate teacher and a member of the SPC boarding staff team has its share of challenges, none more so than the time constraints it places on life outside of the College. As a graduate, there are many aspects of my job in the day school that necessitate a significant investment of time in order to gain the knowledge and experience required to continually become a more effective and efficient teacher. Boarding commitments then add an additional layer of responsibility, which often results in a twelve hour workday at the College. Finding the balance between work and personal life is challenging at times, but I do ensure there is some balance between the two. My time outside of school is important, as I try to ensure that I use my personal time wisely to make the most out of those moments rather than allowing my life to be completely dominated by work. I am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy my weekends predominantly without any work commitments, and those days are essential in helping me refresh before the next week begins.- It is demanding at times, but it is a privilege to be an educator at St. Patrick’s College. SPC boarding provides our boys with many opportunities and the whole boarding staff, particularly those with additional teaching roles, do invest considerable time to ensure that occurs.

Year12 Weekly Boarder -“ Ben Lusby

Balance of Boarding:

The decision to board at St Pats in 2015 was extremely straight forward and inevitable. As I am completing year 12, it is important that the correct balance was found for such significant areas of mine which include study and sport. It was clear to see that travelling from home to school was not going to be an option in year 12 as there is 2 hours wasted everyday through travelling back and forth to St Pats. Throughout my younger years of schooling the daily routine from home was able to be completed as the work load was not as great, however with the imperativeness of study raising to an even greater level this year it was vital that boarding became part of my year 12 education, as the balance between the right amount of study while still being able to take part in my favourite activity, football, was able to be completed. Boarding has most definitely been able to minimise stress and smooth out the imbalances in my life throughout my last year of schooling, decreasing the amount of travelling that I once had to contend with, whilst also being able to eat dinner at a reasonable hour of the night, get in decent amounts of study and enjoy a great night’s sleep. It is also important to note that I never used to have the time in the morning to put a large plate of bacon and eggs down before school started, definitely a highlight.

Year 11 Full- Boarder -“ Connor Byrne

Last year I was travelling 6 hours a week to further my football, which had an effect on my schooling and to an extent my social life. Making the move to boarding at St Pats College gives me the facilities and required time to improve both my football and schooling ambitions. Allocating set times for study when not pursuing sports gives me the opportunity to commit to my schooling with using the time once used for travel now for study. As well as the social banter in the boarding house, it gives me a balanced routine, which allows for the best chance to improve all aspects of my educational life.