Boarding report

May 27, 2022

Despite the flu taking a stranglehold on our boarding community, it is pleasing to see that many boarders continue to take up the College’s opportunities. Furthermore, and most delightful, many of our boarders have been giving up their time by assisting various aspects of our College, including goal umpiring, boundary umpiring, scoring, coaching, or assisting with the School Production. The proverb ‘To whom much is given, much will be required’ (Luke 12:48) is a guiding principle that we will encourage our boarders to live by. The simple act of helping can bring so much joy to our community.

Week 3 awards

  • Cleanroom – Ollie Daykin
  • Study Star – Ben Gibcus
  • Citizenship – Harry Gorman for continually offering to assist in the College’s co-curricular program

Student Achievements

  • Beau Tedcastle – Broke the School Athletics 100 metre record in 11.88 seconds
  • Brayden Purchase – Representing the College at the ACC Open Golf Tournament
  • Ed de Salis – Represented the Ballarat U18 Hockey team at the Junior Country Championships. Edward was Vice-Captain of this side.
  • Eric Yang – 1st place in the Japanese Language Calligraphy Competition – Brush Division
  • Ngor Bar – Selected to be a Year 11 Student Congress member
  • Ollie Daykin – Represented the Victorian North-Central U15 Hockey team
  • BAS Athletics representatives – Beau Tedcastle, Ben Gibcus, Nathan Louw, Liam Farnsworth, Chan Bar, Lachie Fazzolari, Ollie Hannaford.

Student Service

We are grateful to the following students. They have been offering their time to support and assist within the College’s co-curricular program: Harry Gorman, Hugo Delaney, Toby Martin, Jack James, Ed de Salis, and Asher Richardson.

Reconciliation Mass and Dinner

During the week, we held our annual Boarders Reconciliation Mass and Dinner. This is a significant event for us as we continually celebrate our diversity and strengthen the relationships and partnerships within our community. We want to thank Mr Geoff Brodie and his Mission Team for a beautiful Chapel Service, our Catering Team for a lovely dinner, Toby Martin for being the MC for the evening, Cobain Tipiloura for donating his artwork, Chris Tedcastle, Jack Donohoe, Jack James, Sebastian O’Sullivan and Marc Tedcastle for contributing to the event.

House Values

Last term, we welcomed six community leaders to speak with our boarders about various leadership topics. The common threads discussed were courage, standards, responsibility, opportunity and respect. This program was designed to be an invitation to our boarders to start thinking about how they could lead our boarding community and contribute to enhancing the experience for everyone. During the week, we invited long-standing staff member Howard Clark to work with the boarders to build on this program and create a shared set of house values. Howard was a boarder himself and has worked in boarding houses; therefore, he understands the boarding context. The premise of creating a shared set of values is that we have something that ties us together while we live under one roof. We have an eclectic mixture of boys ranging in age, geographical location, likes, dislikes and family upbringings. Therefore, the hope is that these shared values will be the guiding principles for our boarders as they navigate adolescents, make decisions and learn to live as one large family at St Patrick’s College. After an hour and a half of discussing what’s central to a successful and enriching boarding experience, the boarders came up with the following shared set of values: Respect, Inclusivity, Resilience, Trust, Gratitude and Courage. Over the coming weeks, we will unpack these values into explicit behaviours within a boarding context so our boys can clearly understand what this looks like in action.

Inter-House competition

Thanks to our House Vice-Captain Ed de Salis for taking the lead in driving the Inter-House Wednesday evening competition. This week we commenced Part 1 of the Volleyball Competition, a massive hit with the boys, and they played in good spirits. Next week, the semi-finals will be contested between McCann v Nagle and Phyland/Farley v Kenny.

Study Skills

This term, the study skills program will focus on skills that are user friendly and easy to implant. Most recently, we discussed planning and organisation skills. This was specifically related to setting up subject and email folders, using the school diary, and planning the week using a 24-hour weekly schedule.

Upcoming Events

  • EXEAT – The Boarding House will close Friday, June 10 at 5:00 pm and reopen Monday, June 13 at 5:00 pm.
  • Boarders’ Father/Son – Saturday, June 18.