Borrowing from the KRC

May 29, 2019

Borrowing from the KRC

The colder months often lend themselves to curling up in a warm, comfortable spot and reading.- Borrowing in the KRC has never focused specifically on the -due date- of the book being returned, however, it may be an opportune moment to review for parents and students alike, the policies and procedures of -borrowing from the KRC-.-

Students can borrow upwards of six items at any one time.- The loan period for said items is two weeks and these can be renewed three times -“ this means students can have the item for eight weeks if required.- Should a student not return the book, they will receive an overdue notice in the form of a slip of paper citing the details of the book they have and asking them to return it or speak to KRC staff explaining why it may be overdue.- If the book remains overdue after a further overdue notice being received, it is then charged to the student’s school fee account.- Should this prompt the return of the book, by week two of the following term, the charge is retracted or refunded.- Refunds are dependent upon the book being returned in the same condition as it was borrowed.- If student’s return damaged books and it is deemed they cannot be returned to circulation, these too are charged to student’s school fee account.-

We are delighted to be able to say that on many occasions books are returned to the KRC once a fee has been charged.- Such policies and procedures are in place because we value the lesson learned by our young men regards them being responsible for items they have borrowed.- At the same time, they allow us to maintain the diverse book stock we offer students.-

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