Br Denis Moore (former staff)

February 24, 2021

Br Denis Moore.

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Br Denis Moore on February 19, 2021, surrounded by his family, aged 71 years.

Br Denis was well known amongst EREA schools and contributed significantly to the mission of the Church as the long-standing Principal of Parade College – and last remaining Christian Brother Principal in Victoria. He was also for a time, Deputy Headmaster of St Patrick’s in the late 1980s and early 90s, as well as deputy at three other Christian Brothers schools, St Kevin’s, Toorak, St Virgil’s Hobart and CBC St Kilda.

Br Moore celebrated 50 years as a Christian Brother in 2018, celebrating at the same time, the honour of being the longest serving principal of Parade College. To celebrate the occasion, stories were shared around eight key words that were most commonly ascribed to Br Denis: humour, wisdom, humility, unflappability, financial wiz, educator, loyalty and compassion.

Br Denis came to SPC in 1986 as Deputy Headmaster and brought to that position a wealth of experience as a teacher, particularly in Senior English and other languages, an awesome effiency as an organiser and a seemingly inexhaustible capacity for work. Br Denis relieved Brother Aron, who was then both Superior and Residential Master. Later, in 1988, Br Denis also took over the role as Residential Master at SPC.

In the book, History and Heritage 1893-1993 – St Patrick’s College, Ballarat, it states Headmasters Brother Kearney and Brother Buckley relied very much on Br Denis’ “extraordinary administrative ability and his single-minded devotion to his duties in the College”. In the 1991 College Annual, Br Buckley wrote of Br Denis – “As Deputy Principal of a school of 900 boys, Brother has had a most challenging role. He has had to organise and coordinate the day-to-day life of the school, direct the pastoral care and discipline of the students, arrange the classes and school timetable, and keep us all informed. Perhaps the most demanding facet of this has been the pastoral care and discipline of the students – because it is intensely draining personally, requires one to be both wise and just, compassionate and firm, consistent and understanding.”

Br Denis Moore, pictured in the 1991 College Annual.

“As Residential Coordinator of up to 200 boarders and a residential staff of over 20, Brother has led by example. He has never asked staff to do what he doesn’t do himself – from meal supervision to running a house. And he has been a leader with ideas and initiative. He has worked constantly to ensure that the College provides quality residential conditions and care, is ever mindful of the expectations of parents and the wider community with regard to boarding. And he has been a constant guide and director of boarding staff. In all this he has carried the ever-present strain of being pastorally responsible for the boarders, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – in good times and bad.”
In farewelling Br Denis in 1991 as he left SPC to engage in spiritual and educational studies firstly in Rome and then at Boston College, in the US, Br Buckley stated Br Denis would be remembered as a “great and dedicated leader, teacher, Coordinator of Boarding, Deputy Principal and Christian Brother”.