Br Ian Roberton (former staff)

August 31, 2021

Br Ian Roberton.

We have been notified that Br Ian Roberton sadly passed away on July 23, 2021. Br Roberton was a member of staff at St Patrick’s College between 1992 and 1995.

Br Roberton, pictured with boarders from Kenny House.

Br Roberton arrived at SPC as the Director of Boarding and Kenny Housemaster, he also was a member of the College Board and provided pastoral care within the school.

Br Robertson, pictured with the Centenary Committee.

In 1993, Br Roberton was part of a sub-committee, which made significant contribution to the College’s Centenary celebrations, including a Centenary Dinner at Balananda Room held at the Southern Cross with some 400 attendees at the dinner. During the third term of 1993, Br Roberton was absent for five weeks to recuperate from major hip surgery while Br Long took up duties as the Boarding Housemaster.

Br Robertson recuperating.

In 1994, Br Roberton resumed his role as the Director of Boarding as Purton’s House Master. In early February of 1995, Br Roberton extended his leave to have further surgery on his hip until the end of the first term, Mr Chris Gleeson temporarily replacing Br Roberton while he rehabilitated.

Br Roberton with the boarders from Purton House.

In 1995, College Board chairman Dr Allen Moloney thanked Br Roberton for playing an important part as the chairman of the Buildings and Maintenance committee, making it a favourable and appealing College.

In addition to ensuring the College image was marketable, Br Roberton was appointed on the newly established Public Relations Committee with the immediate task to “plan strategies for the promotion of the College to the community in general, and to prospective members of the College community.”

At the end of 1995, Br Roberton departed after four years in Boarding and was recognised for helping make boarding life less institutional and more relaxed, and for building a stronger St Patrick’s College Community.
Br Roberton moved to Warrnambool to take up pastoral parish duties.