Brian Phelan (SPC 1951-52, PY1953)

March 28, 2022

We extend our deepest sympathy to Merlyne and their four children on the passing of her husband Brian Phelan (SPC 1951-52, PY1953) who passed away on his 87th birthday on February 24, 2022.
Brian was the only one of three sons from the family farm in Beulah to attend St Patrick’s College in Ballarat because he was keen to make his career in something other than farming.

Brian Phelan, pictured in his 1951 Basketball Team photograph, alongside W Gunther, G Rasdell, D Bourke, P Hackwill and B Pedler.

Brian enjoyed his time at SPC and still had his school cap and diary from his boarding days when he passed away 70 years later.
Brian enjoyed playing basketball at SPC and was also a member of the Second XVIII in 1951.

Sadly for Brian, he badly hurt his knee playing football and did not end up completing his matric. He returned home and was a farmer until he was aged in his 40s when he decided to ditch farming for good. He moved to Horsham with his family and became a businessman, operating a farm machinery business until he retired.

Brian Phelan, pictured in the Second XVIII Football team photograph in 1951.


Brian Phelan, pictured in his 1952 Leaving Certificate Class photograph.


Brian Phelan, pictured in his Intermediate class photograph in 1951.