Business Directory App – Promote Your Business

November 22, 2017

St Patrick’s College parents Stephen and Jodie Darbin are urging other businesses to throw their support behind the new SPC Business Directory App.

The proud small business owners are using the College’s new app to promote their Bakers Delight Sebastopol business and SPC links with the wider College community.

The Darbin family have strong links with the College -“ Stephen is an Old Collegian and the couple will have one son already at St Patrick’s and a younger son, set to start next year.

-We decided to use the SPC Business Directory App, not only to promote our business, but we thought the app was a great idea- to support fellow- business owners that are Involved at the school,- says Jodie.

-This app is a great way to grow a network of businesses and support each other.-

Download the free app now and support the SPC business network. To find out how to register your business on the app, simply click on this link: SPC Business Directory App