Cancelled themed casual clothes day

June 19, 2020

Students at St Patrick’s College are today wearing casual clothes with boys encouraged to dress up in the theme of something which has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many have come in their favourite sporting kits others have been very creative in dressing around the cancelled theme.

College captain Will Rothe looked very smart in his formal jacket and tie which he would have worn to the cancelled Year 12 formal.

Vice Captain Max Waller is a bit more relaxed in his Hawaii-shirt and zinc cream that he would have worn on the cancelled family holiday.

Sam Catley came dressed in his dressing gown, representing the sleep he missed out on during the crisis, while Patrick Gowans came dressed as the Easter Bunny representing the fun he missed out on in isolation during the Easter period.

We’re not sure if Kye Edwards forgot it was a casual clothes day or if he missed coming to school.

Please click through the gallery below to see many other students dressing up in the cancelled theme.