Careers Update – 4 February, 2016

February 3, 2016

Work Experience Week

Some confusion has emerged about the official work experience week dates. So let me end the confusion here!

The Queens Birthday, Monday 13 June, heralds the official commencement of the work experience ‘week’ (4 days only).

However the three holiday weeks commencing- either 20 June, 27 June, or 4 July are each acceptable- as alternative and suitable placement dates as well. Contact me directly via email for any further discussion –

Weekly Career News

Please find the- Weekly Career News– posted at- the SPC Careers Blog

This weeks topics are:

  • Welcome to the Weekly Career News
  • Undergraduate Medical Admissions Test (UMAT) – do you have to sit the test?
  • Interested in journalism? Check out the ‘Under Age’ website
  • Key websites for finding causal employment
  • Victoria Police Internship through the Victoria University Law program
  • CSU MyDay – Medical Radiation Science, Nursing and Medical Science
  • Flight Attendant Career Seminar
  • ASF Student Exchange information sessions.-