Careers Update – April 28, 2018

April 25, 2018

Careers Night is coming – Wednesday- 30- May

The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) released the New Work Order report which- focuses on the changing nature of Australia’s workforce. The report demonstrates how mindsets need to shift to reflect a more dynamic workforce, highlighting seven new -‘job clusters’ that will be in demand in the coming years.

These clusters were identified by applying a -‘clustering algorithm’ across the more than 1000 different occupations identified across Australia, which were then grouped based on whether employers demanded similar skills from candidates.

The seven clusters identified include:

  • The Carers:– jobs that seek to improve the mental or physical health or well-being of others, including medical, care and personal support services.

  • The Informers:– jobs that involve professionals providing information, education or business services.

  • The Technologists:– jobs that require skilled understanding and manipulation of digital technology.

  • The Generators:– jobs that require a high level of interpersonal interaction in retail, sales, hospitality and entertainment.

  • The Designers:– jobs that involve deploying skills and knowledge of science, mathematics and design to construct or engineer products or buildings.

  • The Artisans:– jobs that require skill in manual tasks related to construction, production, maintenance or technical customer service.

  • The Coordinators:– jobs that involve repetitive administrative and behind-the-scenes process or service tasks.

The introduction of these job clusters only further distances Australia’s young people from the traditional employment pathways and it is evident there is a shift happening in the way young people must find suitable careers. Australian workers must now consider -‘clusters’ rather than dream jobs in order to meet employers’ needs across a broad range of workplaces.

Reflecting related research recently- undertaken by the Ai Group on the ‘Gig Economy’, the report recognises that young people need accurate information to help them make decisions about clusters for which they are most suited.

What changes have you noticed in the workforce? Are you seeing these trends unfolding in your workplace?-

Mr Anthony Meehan