Careers Update – December 1, 2016

November 30, 2016

Current Job Opportunities

Over the past month several local employers have contacted SPC to offer full time apprenticeships for school leavers.- Work in the following fields is still available -“ Roof Plumbing, Bricklaying, Butchering, Bakery, Cabinet Making, Parks & Garden, Wall & Floor Tiling, Farm Hand, Industrial Mechatronics, Plumbing, and Carpentry.- Any student interested in these jobs is welcome to contact the employer directly or call on the careers office for assistance.- More details on each of these positions is available at SPC Careersblog:

VCE Results and ATAR- service

Year 12s should note that registration is open for ATAR and VCE Results by SMS and will be open until midnight Sunday 11 December.- Students can register to receive their study scores and ATAR by SMS at approximately 7am on the day that results are released.- Follow the instructions on the VTAC website or on the back page of the VCAA Exams Navigator.- Students will register for this service using their VCE student number and Results Service PIN. For more information, refer to the Quick Reference Guide.

Work Experience 2017

Students and parents are advised that work placement in 2017 is designated for the week beginning June 19 . Early preparation is key.- Although students cannot do placement over the Christmas holidays they can investigate suitable places with local employers. Students will undertake mandatory OHS training in first term at SPC as a requirement for work placement. Note for students undertaking a work placement with a tradesman on construction sites may require additional -white card- course qualification. Worksafe approved courses are available at Fed College, BGT, BRACE and other providers at the student’s cost. Contact the Careers Office for assistance or advice.