Careers Update – February 15, 2018

February 14, 2018

Today it’s not enough to be just smart or academically gifted, you need to be a well rounded candidate as well.

Companies now look and test for -Soft Skills- and the following nine came up at the top of their list, in a major research project industry paper by the National University of Singapore.

Full report link :-

Qualities that companies want and value today:

Resilience -“ The ability to bounce back from adversities or stress.

Curiosity -“ The desire to seek new experiences, and embracing of novelty, uncertainty, and unpredictability.

Adaptability -“ The- ability to adjust thoughts and behaviours to changing circumstances.

Insight -“ Clear understanding of one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Empathy -“– The ability to understand and share another’s feelings.

Emotional Sensing -“ The ability to read and manage emotions in self and others.

Entrepreneurial Thinking -“ An entrepreneurial mindset to spot and seize opportunities.

Pursuing Convictions -“ Pursuing what you believe in, and overcoming obstacles.

Vision -“ Seeking to contribute and to improve situations of self and others.

How do your students develop these skill sets?

Potentially all of the above soft skills could be demonstrated through volunteer work, such as world challenge, coolies, pink/white ribbon, amnesty international, red shield, soup kitchens, individual projects.

And the best thing is, according to a Deloitte’s Impact Survey Report -Building Leadership through Volunteerism- a staggering 82% of companies said they were more likely to recruit someone of similar skills sets who had done volunteer work, because it helps build the skill sets that are critical to developing well rounded leaders.

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Mr Anthony Meehan

Careers & Transition Manager