Careers Update – February 23, 2017

February 22, 2017

Work Experience

Two weeks are available for Year 10 and senior students in 2017.

Either of the weeks beginning 19 June or 26 June.

The work preparation OHS training via safe@work is due planned for all Year 10s in final week Term 1.

Careers Portal

Try out the new SPC Careers Portal- for Weekly Careers News and Events, Information on Courses.

Via the KRC Homepage, the College Webpage or URL:

This weeks topics are:

  • Focus on Asian studies and language courses-
  • Focus on Biomedical Engineering-
  • Keep in touch with La Trobe University and win a travel voucher
  • Follow the Destination Monash blog
  • Science news from RiAUS
  • Coastal science, marine science and marine engineering programs at the Australian Maritime College
  • Follow the University of Melbourne Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science news blog and join the Pre Ag Club-
  • Medicine – is there a skills shortage or an oversupply of qualified doctors in Australia?
  • News from Macleay College
  • Vantage Automotive – linking students into apprenticeships
  • JMC Academy Animation & Game Gallery event-
  • Academy of Design Australia – Sketch fashion runway show
  • Australian Catholic University psychology webinars
  • Upcoming events