Careers Update – May 10, 2018

May 9, 2018

Law Week 2018 is an annual festival of events which makes learning about the law easy.-

Held in May each year, the seven-day program has something for everyone.-

This year Law Week will take place from Monday 14 May -“ Sunday 20 May 2018.-

Students get to go behind the scenes of the Victorian legal system and check out what the law is all about.-

Find legal answers on everyday issues, attend mock- trials, attend mock bail-hearings, learn about the types of crimes that may be motivated by race or religion, and so much more.-

To find out more about all the activities on offer, visit Law Week 2018:-‹-

SPC- Work Experience Week 2018 is fast approaching for our Year 10 students.

Having completed the online OHS program at the end of last term,- students are now eligible for their- 25 – 29 June placements.

Finding a placement through family, friends and footy club remains the easiest path to success.

The Careers Office has the forms and contacts to aid the process.

Please call Mr Meehan for additional- support on 03- 5322- 4407.

SPC Senior School Career Expo 2018 is even closer than work experience week.

Held on Wednesday 30 May this year the official invitations have been sent to students, parents and special guests.

Please RSVP before 21 May,- if you have not already done so- to email:– –

Morrisby Online – catch up day has been held this week- on Wednesday 8 May.

Designed for those Year 10 boys who missed the Term 1 date, this- Morrisby Online Testing day was- compulsory.

From the 32 expected to attend, two groups of 16 – morning and afternoon were assembled in the Kennedy- House- Theatrette.

Hard copy reports will be published later this week and distributed to homerooms- as soon as possible.