Careers Update – September 6, 2018

September 5, 2018

The best jobs in Australia for 2018

Global jobs site Indeed has analysed its search data for Australia, uncovering the best local jobs.

Indeed examined tens-of-thousands of job posts to identify well-paid roles that have seen remarkable levels of growth and present great opportunities for job seekers or those considering future career options.

Technology, building and construction, health and medical care are the key areas seeing demand increase.

More than half the roles have average salaries of more than $100,000 and all exceed $80,000.

The number one in demand job is lead teacher, which has seen extraordinary growth over the past three years amid shortages of more senior level teachers with team leadership experience. The average base salary for a lead teacher is $92,723.


Full stack developer leads the way in terms of IT jobs growth, followed by data scientist, technology assistant and information systems manager, which are also among the highest paid positions with technology assistant the highest on the list at $141,738 on average.

A full stack developer is a software design role that can require the skills to work at both the front and back end of application development. Of the jobs listed it also generates by far the most job posts (per million). Cloud engineer and IT security specialist also feature on the list.

Health and wellness

There is also strong demand for those in the areas of health and wellness, with skills shortages particularly prominent in regional areas.

The list reveals the emergence of wellbeing manager roles, as employers place emphasis on providing healthy workplace environments. Wellbeing managers can be responsible for a range of programs and command an average salary of $110,518.

Registered nurses also are highly sought-after with oncology, primary care, maternity and clinical lead nurses all making the list with growth exceeding 150% over the past three years.


The Australian property and construction sector has also driven demand for a variety of roles, including trades, with lead carpenter and electrical foreman among the best jobs along with senior landscape architect, site engineer and survey technician.

Here are the top 10 jobs by demand:

  • Lead Teacher

  • Full Stack developer

  • Senior Landscape Architect

  • Regional Recruiter

  • Court Manager

  • Data Scientist

  • Site Engineer

  • Assistant Director

  • Foreman/supervisor

  • Wellbeing Manager