Celebrating five years on for the Class of 2018

June 7, 2023

Five years on and the SPC Class of 2018 gathered recently for their Five-Year Reunion at the Lake View Hotel in Ballarat.

Around 80 Old Collegians were reunited and enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with their former peers at the get-together on Friday 26 May, 2023.

The Old Boys were greeted by Director of Community Development Roger Le Grand, representing the College, as well as Ben Martin (SPC 2009-12) and David Adams (SPC 2009-14), representing the SPC Old Collegians’ Association.

Thank you also to long-time teachers Shane Murphy and John Sullivan, who called by to catch up with these great young men.

Thank you to members of the Class of 2018 for reconnecting with the College for their Five-Year Reunion and we look forward to seeing everyone again in another five years’ time for the 10-Year Reunion.

Please enjoy these photos below, which were taken during the evening.

Steve Fitzgibbon, Harry Turner, Marlin Staley, Clancy Dickson and Clayton McManus.

Rylan Porter, Joel Cadman and Mitch Ward.

Aidan Murphy, Ben Dunwoodie and Blake Colley.

Liam Taylor and Matt Aikman.

Harry Turner and Xavier Jenks.

Liam Smith, Duncan Cadman, Kris Swan, Chris Kollaras and Jack Burgess.

Luke Griffiths, Blake Lim and Jakob Busscher.

James Crilly, Jesse Jury, Mitch Findlay, Luke Castleman and Conlon Love.

Isaac Ballesty, Bailey Pearce and Josh Knowles.

Tom Clark, Sam Canny, Luke Woof, Fletcher Loader, Elliott Lamb and Dean O’Brien.

Sam Hope, Joel O’Connell, Jack Butler and Jack Riding.

Matt Romeril and OCA representative Ben Martin.






Photo1 – ????, ????, ????, ????, ?????

Photo2 – ???, ???, ????

Photo3 – ???, ???, ?????

Photo4 – ??? and Matt Aikman.

Photo5 – ???? and Xavier Jenks.

Photo6 – ???, ????, ????, ???, ???

Photo7 – ???, ???? and Jakob Busscher.

Photo8 – James Crilly, ????, ???, ????, ????

Photo9 – Isaac Ballesty, Bailey Pearce and ?????

Photo10- Tom Clark, ???, ???, Fletcher Loader, Elliott Lamb, Dean O’Brien.

Photo11- ????, ???, Jack Butler, Jack Riding.

Photo12- ??? and OCA representative Ben Martin.