Class of 1970 enjoy 50-Year Reunion get-together

November 22, 2022

We welcomed back our Class of 1970 on Sunday, 23 October 2022 for their long-awaited 50-Year Reunion after several postponements due to the COVID pandemic over the last two years.

A Mass was held in the College Chapel and the group enjoyed a tour of the College’s expansive grounds and buildings before settling into the Old Collegians’ Association Pavilion for lunch and several memorable hours catching up with former classmates and reminiscing about their school days and lives since finishing SPC.

College Captain Peter Mackey (SPC 1966-70) formally welcomed the group along with College Vice Captain Noel Sheehan (SPC 1964-70) and as the day progressed, many other classmates made their way to the microphone to reminisce and share many long lost or forgotten school-day stories.

Many of the attendees also received a soft bound edition of the Class of 1970 Reunion Book – which was brought together with much hard work and dedication by fellow classmate Peter Crawford (SPC 1964-70).

Peter tracked down and highlighted many life stories of classmates from the Class of 1970, along with other significant stories and memorabilia, special in particular to this cohort.

As Peter wrote in their reunion book, “our time at school in the 1960s and 1970 coincided with major world events, including the Vietnam War; the assassinations of US President John F Kennedy (1963) and Martin Luther King (1968); Civil Rights Protests and Moratorium marches; and electoral milestones for indigenous Australians. Indeed, we would all remember being allowed out of class to watch TV and witness Neil Armstrong become the first human to step on the Moon on the 20th July 1969. Chubby Checker and Elvis Presley had to make way for the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin, Bee Gees, Simon and Garfunkel, Creedence Clearwater Revival, to name just a few”.

We thank those in the Class of 1970 for joining us on Sunday, 23 October and look forward to seeing you again in only eight years’ time!

Here are some photos from this great day out, enjoy.

The Class of 1970 and their partners enjoyed their 50-Year Reunion on 23 October 2022.

1970 College Captain Peter Mackey welcomes the Class of 1970 to their 50-Year Reunion at the OCA Pavilion at the College.

1970 Vice Captain Noel Sheehan on the microphone.

Jack Walker and Tom Sullivan catch up at the reunion.

Chris Wallis chatting with Deputy Principal Ric Brodrick.

Michael Whitehead chatting with Michael Ryan.

Brian Mulcahy chatting with Gerard Brady.

John Cleary and Shane Collins at the 50-Year Reunion.

Colin McDonald and Peter Mackey catch up and reminisce.

Peter Jury and Terry Gastin at the reunion.

Paul Woodruff, Tony Dwyer and Patrick McQuillen.

Christopher Robinson, Ina Wels, Damian Ryan, Adrian McKee and James Ryan.

Mark Buckley, Peter Connell, Tom Riches, Peter Hall, Stephan Hayden and Deidre Hall.