Class of 1974 enjoy informal reunion

December 10, 2021

Michael Cleary, Paul Armstrong, Michael Frawley, Jack Moroney, Mark Jolly and John Perkins.

We thank Old Collegian Shane Pianta (SPC 1973-74) for compiling this story in relation to the Class of 1974’s recent informal reunion, held at the Red Lion Hotel in Ballarat on November 14, 2021.

“The informal get together of the PY1974 was held on Sunday, November 14 2021 at the Red Lion Hotel Sports Bar and was organised by classmates Shane Pianta and Peter Todd.

In all, a total of 18 PY1974 guys met up and talked and reminisced about the years at SPC and where we are all now with our lives.

Seven platters of various food was consumed during the afternoon and night with ample amber fluid to wash it down. A number of photographs were taken throughout the gathering and are re-produced for this article.

Everyone fully enjoyed the get together and appreciated catching up with past students and what they have achieved since leaving SPC.

All participants appreciated their education gained at St Patrick’s College and for SPC preparing them for life ahead of them in the wide world. The participants came from all over Victoria.

The last of the PY1974 students left the hotel around 11pm. We would like to thank and appreciate the Red Lion Hotel for hosting the get together, particularly Dean and Daniel for their assistance with the running of the day.”


Michael Cleary, Paul Grigg, Shane Pianta and Mark Bromley.


Peter Caelli, Michael Cleary and Paul Grigg.


Anthony Brandenburg and John Fitzgerald.

Michael Zala and Timothy Fithall.

Paul Arnts and Shane Pianta.