Class of 1981 celebrate 40-year reunion

June 20, 2022

We were delighted to welcome back the Class of 1981 and the Class of 1982 for a combined 40-Year Reunion recently.

With such a large group in attendance, the Old Collegians’ Association Pavilion provided the ideal setting for these two year groups to reconnect and reminisce about their school days together decades earlier.

Thank you to the Old Collegians from the Class of 1981 and 1982 who joined us on the evening of 4 June and we hope you enjoyed the reunion celebrations.

We look forward to seeing you at your 50-Year reunion but in the meantime, please enjoy some photos from the evening.

The Class of 1981, including some former staff members, gather for a group photo to remember their 40-Year reunion.


Former SPC teacher Bob Aron catches up with Chris Melican.

Paul Thanhausser and Peter Flynn.

Des Auer, John Meade, Damian Carey and Leo Simpson.

John Fogarty, Terry O’Shannassy and Damian Gleeson.

Paul Cashin, Murray Verbeek, Tim Burke, Roger Webb, Stewart Hynes and Rod Kriz.

Michael Saunders, former SPC teacher Frank Rice, Steve Mitchell and Gennaro D’Alessandro.

Patrick O’Shannessy, Chris Doyle and Peter O’Shannessy.

Bernie Nevins, former teacher Peter Kerwan and Karl Morris.

Tony Hickey, Tim O’Leary and Phil O’Brien.

John Noone, Andrew Scarce, Mark Ryan and Damian Carey.

Gennaro D’Alessandro and Bruce Ryhan.

Andrew Lewis, Simon Dwyer, Paul Callahan, Danny Routson, Des Auer, Tony Torney, Peter Flynn, John Fogarty, David Mason and Simon O’Brien.

Paul Callahan, Simon Dwyer, Tony Torney and John Fogarty.