College mourns passing of Fr Brendan Davey

August 9, 2016

It is with much sadness that St Patrick’s College has learned of the passing of College Legend Fr Brendan Davey (SPC 1946-53) this week. Brendan Davey was born in Ballarat in 1935, and attended St Columba’s Primary School in Ballarat North, and St Patrick’s College Ballarat, where he was a prefect in 1953.

– In 1947, Brendan was the recipient of a Scholastic Prize for First Year Christian Doctrine. He was a valuable member of the premiership team which won the Oval Competition for Treacy House in 1952, and also in the same year was again awarded the Scholastic Prize for Christian Doctrine. Brendan was involved with the College Cadet Unit, and the Rowing crew.

Brendan completed his Matriculation in 1953, passing the following subjects: English Expression, Latin, British History, Greek and Roman History.

– After leaving St Pat’s, Brendan commenced a period of eight years study at the Corpus Christi Seminary. He was ordained at the age of 25, on July 23, 1961 in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Ballarat.

– In 2011, Fr Brendan celebrated his Golden Jubilee -“ 50 years since his Ordination. He spent 28 years as the Parish Priest at St Mary’s parish in Ararat, and 11 and a half years serving as Parish Priest in Stawell. His other postings include Ballarat East, St Patrick’s Cathedral Ballarat, Ballarat North, Warrnambool, and as chaplain for St Patrick’s College in Ballarat.

– Fr Brendan was inducted as Legend of the College in 2012.

– The College is also mourning the loss of another notable Old Collegian, John McCarty (SPC 1952-57) who died on Friday after a battle with cancer. John would be well known to many in Ballarat through his tireless work with Australian Catholic University – Aquinas Campus over many years as well as for the roles he held with great esteem in local football circles.

– We ask you to keep both the families of both Fr Brendan and John in your prayers.

Many people have responded to SPC’s Old Collegian’s Association Facebook post about the passing of Fr Davey with their own moving tributes. We have included just a few of the many online comments, which pay tribute to an amazing and kind-hearted man.

RIP Father Davey, you were truly a sensational priest whom I first met in Stawell then a few years later at Marion College. You always had a beautiful smile and a kind caring ear to help listen to me over at Marion College whilst I was working in the kitchen. You will be sadly missed by all that had the pleasure to meet you, and your pets that you loved dearly. – Angela Morley

RIP Father Davey. You were much loved by all that knew you and have been greatly missed in Ararat. The kids at St Mary’s constantly asked how you were doing. Rest well your home now. – Bruce Miller

So loved and this is so sad. A great man who was so kind and such a big part of my life. Thank you for everything. I first met you when I was 5 in Stawell and you will always be the reason I am Catholic and love animals. RIP we love you xx. – Christena Renouf

Sad news Fr Davey was an amazing man. A true gentleman and a true representative of the values of the Catholic Church. Very sad to hear of his passing. Many fond memories of this beautiful, kind, caring man, his love of his little old Peugeot, his pets (lizards and dogs) and the time he had for his parishioners young and old. RIP father Brendan Davey. I remember a school project where I interviewed Fr Davey over a few days as an inspirational person in my life. Would love to find the old tapes. – – Chris Bonnici

RIP Father Davey, one of the best people I have ever met. He was our parish priest in Stawell and Ararat when we were going to school, will be missed by many. – Gerard Herdman

He brought a breath of fresh air to St Patrick’s in Stawell, his passion and faith instilled into so many children, adults and families including mine. Was a great honour to have him attend my 21st after just taking over the Stawell Parish. May your God take you in his arms. RIP. – Greg Gavin

One of the best. I’m thankful you stood with us on our wedding day. You were not a judgmental man, you were compassionate, considerate and accepting and in my childhood you were the reason I paid attention in mass and was no longer scared of going to confession. Thank you Father Brendan. – JackoDan Jackson

We were so fortunate to have a wonderful parish priest like Father Davey, a little man with a big heart. Very saddened to hear of his passing. God bless you Father Davey xx – Bern Johnson

The best of the best who epitomized everything that was good in the Church. His only fault was barracking for Collingwood … but am sure that he was welcomed upstairs with open arms regardless! I remember my Mum organising Leigh Matthews to send him a card when he was coaching them! Such a pillar of strength and humility. – Carmel Pulley

R.I.P Father Davey. On our arrival in Ararat you welcomed us and made us feel at home. The loaf of bread you baked and brought to our home to share our first meal is a memory we hold dearly other than the person you were to Mario Limendra Malindra and myself. – Lilanthi Abeynayake

Fr Davey, the most awesome man of the cloth. The man who married my wife and I. I will miss our footy banter as you would put your Collingwood spin on my one-eyed Carlton view. I will miss not having you at Christmas lunch. May you teach the big man upstairs a thing or two and you’ll forever be in the thoughts of a very thankful Wallbank household. God speed. – Michael Wallbank

A wonderful man. If he was having an off day he used to attend at Pleasant Creek Training Centre to make him feel better. He used to bring his lizards down and teach the residents about them. It didn’t matter what denomination you were, he was there to help. RIP Father Davey. – Lorraine Roberts

RIP Father Davey. You will always be remembered as a great man that upheld the principles of Christianity with great esteem. You were always there to talk to at any time and your generosity to those around you could never be matched. You will be missed by all whose hearts you have touched. – Shannon McGrath

RIP Father Davey. Such a great man and now a legend that will live on in the hearts of anyone that knew him. I don’t think I will ever meet a kinder, more generous, caring person in my lifetime. If only there were more like you. – Kathy Treacy

Such a wonderful man who made a huge impact. Promoted to glory, RIP Father Davey. – Megan Hinchliffe

I always loved Father Davey. His singing in church always made me feel happy. – Cassandra Ward

He was an absolute legend. He is the person who introduced me to the wonderful world of herpetology. His huge heart, always open door and unconditional acceptance of some very troubled young people, including myself, will never be forgotten. The world is definitely a poorer place for his passing. RIP Father Davey. – Kellie-ann McKenzie

RIP Father Davey. Started taking students from Stawell to Marian College in his own car. End of Semester there was enough for a mini bus. This is one of the many thing he did. He had a love of singing every verse in the song, lizards and tanks at the back of his house at Stawell. He will be missed by many in the area of Stawell and Ararat. – Michael White