College Shop Report – September 15, 2017

September 11, 2017


We also have new Hi Bounce Balls available for sale, $5 each, great for downball!

Another new addition are our School Scarves $25 each

Boys are able to be back in shorts for Term 4, Cost $37 each

Year 7’s 2018 -“ now taking uniform orders, please ring to make an appointment for fittings.

Bags for the USA Basketball Tour are now in stock at $90 each.

Please remember we are now the only supplier of ALL the school uniform.

Please remember to fill out your payment authorisation forms or contact us for your son’s requirements.

The Sustainable School Shop is available for all your secondhand needs please see below:

The hyperlink below is to the new Stocktake Report, as you will see the appearance of the Stocktake has considerably improved.


Payment Authorisation forms are now due to be handed in.- Please fill out and return with your son, as items will not be handed out unless form is completed or cash is used to pay for items.- Thank you to all those who have done this already, we have had a great response.

The College Shop – Located adjacent to the College Front Reception

Hours of Operation:- – Monday to Friday 8.15 am-3.45 pm

For further information please phone The Shop Manager Ms Michelle- Roberts on: 5322 4313- or the College on 5331 1688.

Items purchased from the College Shop cannot be placed onto the school tuition account, items must be paid for on collection.- You can contact the College Shop directly on 5322 4313 to pay for any items your son may need.-

Sustainable School Shop Second Hand Textbooks

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Sustainable School Shop provides the second-hand textbook trading system for the school. Our school’s 2016 booklist/textbook information for years 7-12- has been- uploaded and is- ready to use on the Sustainable School Shop website. To get started, go to and either register as a parent or log-in if you’re already registered.

Buying second-hand textbooks

Click Find Books, select your booklist, and tick the boxes of the books you need.- The system will show you the correct second-hand books to buy. Click Member With Most Matches to see who has most of these books, or click Cheapest Books.- You’ll receive- Ad Match emails- when newly listed- books match your wanted ads.

Selling second-hand textbooks

Get- your books home- and list them for sale asap. Click Sell Books and follow the prompts, the system will assist ad construction and provides a pricing guide.- Write the availability date in your ads if your books are still being used.

To sell books that are not on your old booklist, please click MyAds/Create Ads and follow the prompts.

Other tips

Searching for second-hand textbooks begins- as soon as the- new booklists are distributed.

People with wanted ads always get first choice of the newly listed books for sale. Be mindful to price your books reasonably, this is a competitive marketplace.

Don’t make special trips when- collecting books, just fit it into your normal routine.

Only buy secondhand workbooks that have not been written in.

Many book suppliers have very good returns polices that will enable you to- continue looking for second-hand texts, even after- submitting your new book order – check your suppliers returns policy.

Be considerate to others by- delisting your ads promptly as your books sell — this assists everyone using the service.

To delist, log-in, click the red Delist button and then the sold button on the right side of your ad.

Please remember, by recycling your textbooks you are helping another family in our school community.

Second-hand Uniform Trading System

We have developed another tool to assist schools and families using our second-hand uniform trading system.

Below is a hyperlink that is unique to your school and when clicked it will present an up to the minute, uniform Stocktake Report that shows all the school’s second-hand uniforms items that are currently listed for sale on the Sustainable School Shop.

The hyperlink will make it easier for schools to provide parents quick and easy access to see all the items for sale.

Typically, we see the link placed on the school’s website uniform page, inserted into the school’s newsletters or printed from for the uniform shop. This Stocktake Report is responsive and works on all size screens including smart phones.


A reminder for new families for next year, to contact us to make an appointment for a uniform fitting.- You can layby your son’s uniform and we are happy to exchange any item if it needs to be changed next year.

Second-hand items for sale can be found at the following link:

The Sustainable School Shop provides a secondhand uniform service for our school.

The uniform Stocktake summary- is a quick way to browse the availability of secondhand uniforms that are for sale on the Sustainable School Shop website: (

This Stocktake can be automatically emailed to you each month, by simply registering/logging-in to the Sustainable School Shop website, clicking the blue ‘Stocktake’ button and following a couple of prompts, there is no cost.

Uniform items turn over quickly and are always in demand. Any items you list for sale on the website will appear in the Stocktake too.

The- main secondhand uniform trading times are; April to May, September to October (change of seasons) and November to February.

Secondhand uniforms are always sought after and greatly appreciated.