CSIRO Indigenous Stem Awards

May 9, 2018

On Friday,- April 27- some 17 Indigenous students from St Patrick’s College attended the CSIRO Indigenous Stem Award event held at the Ballarat Tech School in conjunction with the Federation University’s Aboriginal education unit.

The awards component of the event was a CSIRO initiative in which the major prize winner Misty Jenkins, a local Indigenous woman, was awarded the CSIRO Indigenous Stem award for her endeavours in her field of cancer research. Misty’s involvement in the day was truly inspirational and a huge eye opener to our students.

The day consisted of activities and workshops where boys were exposed to many different uses of science and technology including, virtual dissection tables where boys would be able to see skeletal and muscular constructs of different animals and specimen and another being virtual reality where boys would travel through the human body and be explained to the use of blood cells and the different rolls of DNA.

The boy’s involvement in the day and their behaviour throughout was fantastic, I thank every one of them for that and hope to build upon this moving forward through the year.

Daniel Briggs.