Darwin Tour – Day 1

April 4, 2017

Nick Stuhldreier: today was a very eventful and challenging day. We travelled out to the Robertson’s army barracks to be put through the paces of some army training. First of all, we were kitted out in our camo gear and then off to the obstacles where we worked together as teams to get the fastest time. Then we got to do some shooting and night vision missions which was a great experience. Finally, we finished off with a nice dinner looking over a great sunset of Fanny bay.

Mith Tuddenham: we started today at Robertson’s army barracks where Captain Liam O’Riley took us through the day’s plan. We were then kitted out in camo gear and put through a series of challenges consisting of the obstacle course, the firing range and carrying stocks. These challenges were designed to test our Leadership attributes, courage, teamwork and initiative. At the end of the day the army let us have a look inside different vehicles and experience holding the weapons they use in combat. We finished the day off with a fantastic meal watching the magical sunset over the bay.

Leon Young and Conor Donohoe : Starting off our first day in Darwin we had to wake at 6:30 to be at Robertson’s army barracks by 8. We were met by captain Liam O’Riley and brought through to the meeting room. We were split up into 6 groups and kitted out in army gear. We were then pushed mentally and physically in an endurance assault course, a 1.5k run and lengths in the pool .

The army barracks has given us a greater insight into how the troops go about their day. They wake at the crack of dawn and are active all day, from weapons practice to fitness tests etc. We finished off the day with a beautiful meal in the boat club, with great view. So far Darwin has been a great experience, quite a difference from the weather back home in Dublin. –

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