Deputy Principal Report

February 18, 2022

by Deputy Principal, Mr Richard Brodrick

Three weeks have come and gone, seemingly in the blink of an eye. Personally, my transition to St Patrick’s College has been very enjoyable. The openness and friendliness of the staff and students has made it easier to feel a part of the community – something which is very important to me. I’ve also had a chance to have a few meals with the boarders and visit the rowing sheds which has helped build connections. However, I’ve realised that there are myriad activities happening before, during and after school and it will take an extended amount of time to get to know the full picture of what makes up this great College.

At the same time, I wonder about the experience so far of new staff and new students, especially those in Year 7. Has it been as welcoming as mine? I hope so, and I trust that everyone is going out of their way to support you. However, if there are students who are struggling with the change, I would urge parents to contact the College as soon as possible. Finding your way at a new school brings with it all kinds of challenges and anxieties for young people:

  • Is my uniform right?
  • What is my timetable?
  • Do I know where to go?
  • Have I got the right books?
  • I had so much homework I couldn’t finish
  • What happens if the bus is late?
  • Where do I go at recess and lunch?
  • Am I accepted by other students?
  • Do I have any friends?

Communication is key to students succeeding in school and I would urge all students and parents to contact someone if you are finding it hard to be motivated, organised or connected. Our structure of wellbeing is multi-layered and there are many options for help and support from classroom teachers, pastoral care teachers, Year Level Coordinators, Directors of School, Counsellors, Learning Support, Assistant Principals and Deputy Principal. I would urge you to not let any issues linger. If you are concerned about anything to do with how your child has begun the year, now is a good time to act and reach out for help.