Deputy Principal Report

December 3, 2020

by Deputy Principal, Mrs Elizabeth Ryan

As we come to the end of this year, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your flexibility and support throughout the year. Remote learning forced all in our community; students, teachers, parents and guardians to rise to the challenge of upskilling and enhancing our ICT capabilities in order to master MS Teams and support out boys in their learning journey. It was a clear lesson that necessity is the mother of invention. The take up and implementation of PAM took a couple of years and yet in a few short weeks we all embraced and mastered MS Teams!! Amazing and noteworthy.  Thank you and well done.

The other significant challenge of the year has been the ongoing success of Richmond. Why?  I hear you ask. With so many of our boys having a strong interest in football and admiring the skill and talent of Dusty Martin, many have sought to emulate his hairstyle in the hope, no doubt, that it may enhance their own football skills! For the College this has proved challenging, as we work to enforce our uniform and hair policy. Thus, I call upon all parents to take time over the holiday period to review both of the hair and uniform policies as published on the College website to ensure that, when our boys return in 2021, they are wearing their uniform correctly and that their hair is well groomed and in line with our policy. Should your son have long hair then the expectation is that it is tied up all the time. If this is to prove problematic, then please ensure that your son has his hair cut in an appropriate style.

Finally, I would like to wish all in our community a happy and holy Christmas and look forward to working in partnership with you again next year to realize your son’s full potential.

Mrs Elizabeth Ryan