Deputy Principal Report

February 5, 2021

by Deputy Principal, Mrs Elizabeth Ryan

Welcome to the 2021 school year.  On one of the wettest days in living memory our new Year 7 students and our seasoned Year 12 boys commenced the Academic year. However, no amount of rain could dampen the spirits of either group. The Year 7 Orientation Day went smoothly with the  Year 7  boys participating in an ICT boot camp which included instruction of how to connect and log on to the College website along with tips and trick on how to be a safe citizen in a digital  world. Meanwhile our Year 12 group were offered the opportunity to participate in a half day workshop facilitated by Steve Lawrence, an acknowledged expert in Catholic faith leadership and personal growth. However, the highlight of the day for both cohorts was the opportunity for the Year 7 boys paired with a year 12 student, to go on a guided tour of the College. While learning where the canteen, art rooms and first aid office is located was important, the rich dialogue between the new and the old student was so valuable. Hopefully, we will be able to orchestrate other opportunities for the pairing of these two groups so that they can build on the mentoring relationship fostered during the walk.

Schools have become increasingly complex and the expectations placed on them continue to grow. This has been particularly so in the area of governance and compliance. At the start of this year, staff were required to complete compliance training in Student Protection, Student Duty of Care, Code of Conduct, Privacy, Bullying, Whistleblowing, Complaints and Human Resources along with mandatory reporting and anaphylaxis training. Thus, in a time poor environment, when staff are balancing competing pressures preparing for the return of our students, I would like to acknowledge and thank staff who have so readily embraced this intense professional development.  Legislation around child protection has also prompted growth in expectations of staff, visitors, contractors and volunteers associated with the College. When visiting the College, we ask that you first report to the College Reception to ensure that you are signed in and, if required, have a valid Working with Children’s card. Further, the College will continue to require all visitors, contractors and volunteers associated with the College to comply with the COVID safe protocols, as outlined by the Victorian government. While these vary, we ask that at this point in time, all visitors please wear a mask when entering the College.  As we embark on a new normal in a COVID world I trust we will all continue to work together to ensure the best outcomes for the boys in our care.

Mrs Elizabeth Ryan

Deputy Principal