Deputy Principal Report

March 20, 2020

by Deputy Principal, Mrs Elizabeth Ryan

Hello parents! As we continue to sail in unchartered waters the College leadership team is working hard being very proactive in our approach to addressing each of the challenges COVID-19 presents.

Elsewhere in the Crest are detailed instructions about how we as a College will be ensuring continuity of learning in the event of a school closure but in this section, we are drawing to the attention of all parents, guardians and carers the range of supports available should your son start showing signs of heightened levels of concern and anxiety as a result of the disruption to their school, sporting and social networks. These thoughts and feelings are normal and understandable. While the school is open, we are working very heard to address these however, in the event of them being closed this will provide yet another challenge. Please take time to grab a cuppa and read through all the various resources available to support youth during this challenge time so that we as parents, guardians and carers can be proactive in meeting these challenges if and when they arise.

Take care

Mrs Elizabeth Ryan